Why Struggle is Good For Us

Here is something to think about and some solutions when you Struggle from our Friend, Sonyo Estavillo of lilpickmeup.com. Today it is “Why Struggle Is Good For Us” Please enjoy this and go visit Sonyo’s site lilpickmeup.com for other great articles.

Check her Bio – The Bio of a Super Multi-Tasker. Also, An old pastor once told me to be very careful if You pray for patience because God will give You lots of opportunities to develop it!!

Writing With Hope

julia-caesar-15078 Photo By Julia Caesar via Unsplash

Struggle allows us to ponder the direction of our lives. If we never reflect, we forget to challenge ourselves to be better. I hadn’t realized what struggle does to our character until I was listening to a podcast about the subject. It was Joe Rogan who pointed out something profound, something I hadn’t thought of before on the subject of struggle.

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