Glass Jar

Please Welcome Alisa Hutton with her poem “A Glass Jar” from her site – A very thoughtful and reflective piece on how some of us handle memories and past relationships and how we might want to in the future. Please read this great poem from Alisa.

Please check out her site and also my Back Catablogging Report on Alisa’s Works on Enjoy!


Glass Jar

I put you in a glass jar tucking you away on my deepest shelf

My reason?

Curiously, to keep me safe and my best memories warm

I peered in every so often to check and see if you were still present and well adored

A dangerous balance

Close and an arm’s length away

The jar gave me what I needed

Reflective of what life had taught me at the time

Space and a soundless reminder of who I am

Values that reside steady and strong as much as they will long

What I didn’t understand

The jar that kept you deep inside my heart

What I didn’t quite see

Was that I simply needed

To set you free

~Alisa Hutton

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You & My Mind

Please welcome a New Friend Jyoti and her poem You and My Mind which gives an example of what it is like when you find true love. Please enjoy her many other works after reading “You and My Mind!


His eyes

Gazing at me

With some perplexity

His lips uttered

How many times..

I cross your mind in a day?

I smiled and said

“Just Once”

His sparkling eyes

Dropped the shine

I stepped close to him

And replied

“Just Once

Because once you came

You never went”.

~Jyoti Yadav

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By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Sitting on a stage
in a solitary pose
like a model
with no clothes

No clothes
to hide the beauty
that we see
and the magic
that we hear

we cannot
look away
as we listen
to her play

The Naked Piano
stands alone
wanting You
to hear
her song
to stare
at her beauty

to let you see 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved