By Charles Robert Lindholm  4/28/2015   


Every night I count my blessings

and I‘m thankful for each one

’cause I know I‘ve not been promised

I‘ll see the rising sun


Every moment is so precious

every day is special too

but the memories that I treasure most

have all been made with you


You are the love I‘ve longed for

You are my dream come true

and I know each day

that I am Blessed

when I wake up next to you 

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

There is nothing quite so wonderful as waking up with your BELOVED!!!

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

The First Sunrise Of January
Always Leaves Me Wondering
What Lies Ahead
Just Out Of Sight
Over The Horizon
In My Tomorrows

And Then It Leads My
Mind Back Over The
Last Year And
Way Back When Too

Moments And Memories
And What If’s And
Might Have Beens 

Things That Never Were
But Could Have Been
And The Happiness
That Was And
The Blessings
That I Have

And Bittersweet
Memories Escape
Their Cell

Deep In My Heart
On The First
Sunrise Of January
Before Being
Escorted Away

Sometimes The Heart
And Soul
Need To Reflect,
Remember And Wonder,
So They Will Be
More Grateful,
And Happy During
The Coming Year

The First Sunrise Of January
Is The Demarcation,
The Ending And Beginning,
One Year Passing Away Into History
As The New Year Is Born

The First Sunrise Of January
Is The “First Time”
You Get To Make An X
On The New Year’s Calendar

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Inspired By Sadje’s – One Liner Wednesday – Quote 

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Is Knowledge
To The Correct

Are We Wise?
I Wonder,
But Have
My Doubts

It Seems
That Humanity
Is Quite Susceptible
To Herd Mentality

Leaving The Thinking
And Logical Reasoning
To Others And Then
Waiting For Them
To Explain What To Do

We All Know
Time Flies
And That Life
Is Short

But That Doesn’t
Seem To Stop Us
From Putting
Things Off
To Another Time,
‘Til Someday

We Believe
Since We Woke Up
This Morning
We Will Tomorrow

No Need To Worry
Or Rush Things
All In Due Time,

There Is No Someday!
We Only Have Now!
Someday Is The Seductive
Delusion Of Fools
Who Won’t Ever
Turn Their Dreams
Into Reality

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