In It For Love

Walt's Writings

Until I close my eyes forever
Nothing else matters
All that I am
Is in it for love

If I can’t have your love
I’ll just say one last goodbye
Because all that really matters
Is that every road leads home to you

Hard times come easy
When you’re in it for love
Like Father Time singing the ballad of youth
When he still wants a little more

Please leave one light burning
Until the end
When I’m once again by your side
Together again

In my dreams
I am always there with you
One day I’ll come back as me
And again we will be in it for love

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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The End Of The Game

Walt's Writings

All I ever wanted

Was to turn away

From this longing within

And leave my dark days


I ask for nothing

From this point of no return

I hold on to my hunger

For what might have been

I am every you

Every me

I am the light and shadow

Living on the edge of the unknown

Yet I feel it still

I’ve had the feeling bad blues

Paid all of my dues

But I will not quietly wait

For the end of the game

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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Self reflection

I am secretly enough familiar
With stranger in the mirror
I always deny to identify
Hesitate to introduce…

I know you are me,
My authentic self
I know you are in quest
For my inner treasure.

The conflicts between us,
Will always be there.
Silent for silence
Thanks for support and kindness.

Better to stay together
Today and forever.
You are my inspiration
Spicy, sweet or bitter.

I acknowledge your affection
Embrace you with dignity
Will never leave me alone
Strangely familiar my reflection.

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