Ocean’s lesson

Taylor Grace

We lost River about a month and a bit ago. I didn’t post about it because, at first, it was simply too painful. Then, I didn’t want to post because this blog is about positive things. Now, finally, I think I have turned a corner.

And it’s all thanks to Ocean.

I came home from the vets that day, wrung out and still crying. Saying goodbye to River was awful, just god-awful. It tore my heart into pieces and I cried inconsolably for hours at the vets. I couldn’t see past my pain.

I opened the back door to let Ocean in mentally preparing myself for her reaction to the loss.

Ocean bounced into the house like a spring lamb. She bounced as if she had springs on her feet. She pounced on her toy and proceeded to throw it in the air, bouncing around the furniture with sheer joy.

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Erotic poetry


last thing love
needs; last thing
passion requires

so, in this instance, bear
with me
I am going to consider
every word here might
serve as a kiss

and hopefully
you will indeed
find some of these
word kisses
best at both
their arts

even that if not
individually, but
as a collective

they will prove
most apt, decidedly intimate,

your path
of least resistance

amongst them that word,
that special, special word

able to
convert to my cause
you over

find that resonance
inside you

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Tea & Transparency

Force yourself –

do not think.

You are the pen,

your blood, the ink.

Fantasise –

another life not lived.

Are you happy with

‘carry on and improvise’?


One, two, three.

Leave your problems

at the city lights.

Relax and drink it in –

the air, the electricity, the world

you’ve found yourself in.

Take a bow –

blush from cheek to cheek.

Curtsey and disallow

the bleak critique,

of ‘maybe, you are just weak’.

Image by Natálie Šteyerová from Pixabay

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