Let’s Not Start (collab)

Secret Thoughts Within

By Charles Robert Lindholm andBree Leto

I look into your eyes
and I see the flames
of passion burning
I know what
you are yearning for

You want to light my fire
You think this attraction between us
is my heart’s desire
But eventually
lovewould make a liar
out of us both

a crazylove affair
with a beautiful start
but it wouldn’t go anywhere
it wouldn’t last –
there is no forever in our future

We’llonly hurteach other
along the way
So why delay the inevitable
of a doomedromance
when it’s so plain to see,
I’m not good for you
and you’re not good for me

I know you are trying
to seduce me,
temptmeto surrender,
but I’ve seenhowthis story ends
we won’t even remain as friends

So,let’s not startdown this road
to heartache
’cause I’ve been there before

Copyright © 2021 Bree Leto…

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