mary ~


another night fades
as the first one to go ~
and tonight there’s a quiet
the lonely heart knows
as the place
once adorned by a voice
on the line
and silence made sweeter
by the passing of time

there’s a bed on the ridge
where grace slumbers now
as destinies grieve
what her years won’t allow
was forever
(a moment)
we passed on our way –
flowers left blooming
in the places we lay –

in prayers as a name
repeated again –
and tears have no shame
for to fall

memories gather
in the shadow of life
and we wonder how soon til
forgotten –
will no one be left
not a soul to recall –
who we loved
why we came –
what we made of it all

more than marks to the page
or dates to a stone –
is someone
to hold us
long after we’ve…

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when you go

House of Heart

When you leave I become

the sea gull begging salt from

from the briny air.

My veins are a winding tunnel

Of deep purple sea.

I channel you in the night owl’s

perpetual call  that  awakens the

Subconscious to the feel of

your phantom hand at the angle of my

At dawn your shirt hangs from a

Closet door in the buttery sunlight

and I become so small I could slip

inside the lining of your chest

sheltered by your warm skin where I

long to be.



art by Anuraag



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Nostalgia ~ #poetry #WOTD #RDP #DWP

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

For Daddy…I miss you  ❤

When I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, a tugging at my heart

I tend to putter around the house, looking a bit lost

I am hoping to find that ray of light, or even part

Telling me you’ve returned to me, my fingers crossed

Word of the Day – Return
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Putter
Daily Word Prompt – Nostalgic

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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