Coffee and Books

Secret Thoughts Within

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I like to sit in a quiet café
at the top of the department store with
my coffee, cake and a book

Don’t be fooled
it’s not quaint or a hidden trendy secret
the lighting is too harsh and I can tell you
where the ceiling panels need fixing…
But it’s quiet and protected from the noise 
of the busy shopping mall outside the doors
In here
people meander calmly amongst the cookware and 
breezily browse through racks of last season’s sales

While I sit alongside grandma’s and their hungry grand kids
I enter into another world
with a warm coffee in my hands
and pages before my eyes

There is a special comfort
in reading a book with a coffee –
a whole universe just for me

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The human touch…


The human touch.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"The easiest gift to give is concern, time and to listen. In a world of fast pace and little time. We must slow down and show the people we love and need them."    

                        The human touch….

People can get lost.
Feel they are alone.
Be blinded to reasons to be alive and go forward.

Many ways to find dead-ends in a life.
Lost love.
Isolation from the people we love and need.
Bad times and locked doors of opportunity.

We can get scared.
Fall down and can’t find the way to hope.

Some folks can find peace and salvation in prayer.
Some of us need kind words and a helping hand.

I believe we have forgot the old way.
The human touch.
We forgot how to listen and pay attention to the people around us.

Some people find peace in…

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Waiting by the wayside…


Waiting by the wayside.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime we must stop and re-adjust our life and thoughts."  

                                 Waiting by the wayside…

I was waiting by the wayside.
Tried to figure out simple questions.
Why am I alive?
Where should I be?

I wondered if my life is destiny or chance?
Is my life already figure out?
Or is a schedule event for some bore God?
Playing a game with the human race with no winners.

A lady dressed in her summer dress.
Long blond hair flowing in the Summer breeze.
Rolling a necklace of leather and crystal.
She is sitting on the Seaside beach sand waiting for me.
Requested me to sit with her.

She told me. Live for today. Tomorrow may not come my Poet friend.

I told her. I can’t balance on the edge anymore. I must decide my journey.
But I can’t figure…

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