Let it be….


Let it be…

A old man sitting alone. Sitting on the cliffs of Pacific Grove and you can see the Pacific ocean forever. Miles of the beautiful and powerful sea. He wrote words into a black notebook. Secret whispers into a book.  Words describing a grand life. I brought him coffee. He thanks me and he would read me a poem daily.       

                   “Let it be….

Human’s are twisted.
In the midst of paradise.

Our mind’s race for reasons.
Not to be content.

Let it be.

We need to be thankful.

Hold your love one’s.

Dance and celebrate being alive.

Be content.
To have the chance to love someone.

Just let it be.

Swim in paradise.
Of the good times.
We can be together.

                            Tomorrow is not a guarantee. “

8 May 2009

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I remember you….


I remember you.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime we must return to the beginning. To find the missing person in the mirror looking back."

  I remember you…   


The summer days were long.
The splendor of the blue skies and the bright sun.
Beckon us to the sea.

The heat of hot days.
Thaw our cold hearts.
The beauty of Monterey coastline.
Purify the sadness and losses of living.

I remember you.
Waiting for me on the sand.
You called me the laughing Poet.
A fugitive and faithful friend.

You were my sanctuary and imperfect Angel.

Your blue eyes would watch the waves dance on the shore for hours.
Allowing the Pacific Ocean to erode layers of disappointment away.

I would bring wine and bread.
You would bring the tequila.
You sipped it slowly out of the bottle.
We never wallows in old dreams.
We recanted new great…

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My lady…


My lady…

My lady,
I still cry out in sweet dreams your name.

So long since our lips had touched.
I still wish upon a star,
to be able to look into your eyes.

I wish to awake with your body near.
To put my face into your long blond hair.
Be intoxicated by my love for you.

I wish to hold your tender hands on a walk by the lake.
Two young titans with love as our shield.

My lady of joy and happiness.
Allow me to remember you sweetly.
For only in your arms did I feel complete.

Salvation I cannot find.
The knife of disappointment is cutting away my tenderness.
Your love is the only loss I can’t get over.

My lady,
dressed in white.
Your long blond hair flowing in in the gentle breeze.
I dreamed you were whispering.
“I will only love you.”

I have…

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Steal a memory, borrow a memory..


Steal a memory, borrow a memory…

The dilemma of a long life. The restless heart learn to adore old memories. The fortune of youth become eloquence words on a sheet of paper.

We must steal a memory, borrow a memory. Once I had hot Summer days, the sea and my kind muse. The blessing of the Pacific ocean, stealing kisses and holding hands. Was my wealth.

The legacy of love become a lullaby old poets sing to the sea, to private notebooks.

Once he chased a beautiful gal and he learn. She was waiting for him to be brave and she was waiting for him to come to her.

He learn what the great poet wrote. You don’t find love, love find you.

Once the goddess of the sea blessed the old soldier life. He told the people near now. Drink-in and drink-up the good days, the good night. Make…

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Please show me your real face…


 Please show me who you are…

(September poetry number five)

I told you. I am the fortunate one. You allowed me to see you happy, see you sad. I know woman are filled with mystery and secrets. They can make you feel like a king if they desire. I know I am the lucky one.

Pretty lady smiled and I adored her eyes, her twisted smile. She whispered. Love cost plenty dear Johnnie. When you see too much, want everything. You will steal the need away. You and I. We are just dancers on the bloody storm. I liked you. You didn’t want to change me and you listen to me when I talk. You love the Black Velvet whiskey and you don’t want to steal my soul. Love should be easy, love should be fun. You made life fun, you made love fun

I told her. I remember you…

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A new Beginning

Confab With Me

In the fold of nature, 
in the ruffling of the leaves,
in the serenity of the silence,
in the calmness of the breeze
the yearning heart found its eternal peace
and it broke free from the shackles of its miscreant thoughts
today is a new beginning

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The smell in your sweatshirt


How can I not remember you?

When I think about how your touch felt, I am clueless.

Wondering if it ever gave butterflies to my flowers,

or was it just the feeling of possession.

I wear your sweatshirt now, I feel your smell has gone,

owning it doesn’t feel anything to do with you.

It does keep me warm in the cold,

I wish I could have worn it in places I went with you.

Cried, smashed, smiled showed nothing

but the satisfaction of having you.

Walked away happily, yet my poetry speaks about you.

-©Riya Shah

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