TEDx Photos: Diamonds from Pressure.

Come and read Dr. Dinardo’s – Diamonds from Pressure

Thriving Under Pressure

“Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.”

I am excited to share an interview, photos, and a short video clip from yesterday’s TEDx Event at the University of Windsor. It was one of the most positive speaking experiences I’ve ever had. Truly magical.

FFCD3D78-36B0-41C7-BCC3-3687F851FBED TEDx Dr. Andrea Dinardo

TEDx Videoclip

09F51FBB-E905-4DE6-8053-8A2152CC6EF4 TEDx Organizers

6743F54B-E438-4C3F-8140-2B9CFA2EC870 My Psychology Students 🍏

TEDx Slideshow

8C71BB91-2A9C-4003-BD57-00D4F2F411A0 TEDx Dr. Andrea Dinardo

TEDx Dream Team

0346BA32-12BE-42E3-BBFB-A20AE1488D67 Team TEDx

Thank you for letting me share my dream of being on the TEDx stage!  The official TEDx video will be posted soon. 🎥

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