Healing Solitude

Come and read Candy’s beautiful piece in “Healing Solitude”

Fantastical Murmurs

When I think of solitude I think about the silence and of the singular feeling and state of being completely alone. I think of lengthy periods of unplugged-from-social-media time.

I think of minimal influence from television, and maximum inspiration from books I’m reading. Inspiration from the silence.

Unplugged, and alone.

The weather outside, the traffic, trains, your phone. All unworthy distractions from the date you’re having with isolation. A date that can begin with feelings of liberation, and yet end with nebulous feelings of emptiness. The practice of solitude isn’t negative because we feel empty, however. In fact, it can be a most healing and invigorating experience. To sit and reflect, without commotion or company, and to find and snatch truth when we locate it within us; this can be done in periods of isolation.

Solitude is much like a mental laboratory in which you can examine feelings and ideas…

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Come look at perfectionism from Karen’s perspective!

Karen's Stone Soup...

Take it, or leave it?   That is the question.

The number one thing that stops an artist or anyone else in their tracks. It is wonderful to do your best, and work hard at it. Some things require it! But repetition is something that will help overcome a persons inability to do our best. An artist for instance, in my opinion will create more interesting art if it comes from the heart, without the fear of painting a piece we think will not measure up.

I work very hard at ignoring what others think, knowing not everyone will like or appreciate my kind of art.  That’s ok, we aren’t all alike, and it doesn’t matter.  You can’t please everyone!

I thought this might help some of you to hear it from a different source….not me actually, and definitely not your mother!  Have fun creating whatever kind of creating you…

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