Come and read about self preservation!


The anatomy of confidence:
be as brave as wolves
who call out in the darkest nights
when they know they need help.
Grasp loneliness by the reigns
and never bring it home.

Trudge the unpaved paths
grab your tools from the shed
and build your own defences.

Be unapologetic and call it
self preservation.

You don’t have to be a soft blanket
others find refuge in
when they’re too cold.
You’re allowed to be knitted of the same
kind fibre fabric
and also be brash to those who
kick you off the bed once they’re asleep;
who only hold you when they need you.

Wear your past and shortcomings as a quilt
you remove when it gets too hot.
You are a nation of white blood cells
defending yourself until your dying day
So tuck into your own blankets
put your phone on silent
ignore your door, knocking
and fall…

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Will They Ever Know

Come see if you can answer “Will They Ever Know”

Recovering My Mind: Poetry and Rock Music

careening down the tracks

life in the rear view mirror

and desperate to get it back

riding alongside friend and foe

into the darkness deep

into what tragedy I do not know

kings are killed, capitals conquered

and the Christ was crucified

yet somehow, I’m still alive

how I’ve survived sin and insanity

is a miracle

or my life is a slow sting of a thousand scorpions

the sun goes down, and I wonder

was it worth it

will I ever know

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Don’t you hate it when you want to write – but end up with “Nothing”!

J Alaine

I wanted to write today

I wanted to let it go

and pour it out

as if I was overflowing

in words

but I couldn’t find

the metaphors and

the words remained jumbled

and I’m so dizzy enough

to stop and focus

I’ll close my eyes as

I’m about to fall into

an earthly slumber

~J Alaine 2017

#poetry #writing

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