Conflict of Interest

Come and enjoy “Conflict of Interest”

A Writer's Soul

Its funny how easy I can separate myself from you,
Where you have been everything and yet nothing to me,
It’s a hard line to draw, even harder to cross,
Yet I find myself straddling it time and time again,
Laughing because he will never be you,
And he can never come close to the way you’ve made me feel.
It’s even funnier because I could never really escape you,
No matter how I fought, how much I denied,
You always showed up in my rear view mirror,
Always throwing me off the course I set myself on.
For better or worse, you were always a constant,
And I can’t even hate you for it, no matter how I wish I could;
It would’ve been so much easier to deny, deny, deny, (but I could never deny you).
I know this game, its always used to be the same for…

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Back To You

Come find out why you always end up on the road “Back To You”

The Lonely Author

lonely-girl-wait-on-the-road-miss-youBack To You

My shoes are worn
cause I have walked
through every maze
in search of love.
I am a proud knight
riding lonely carousels
searching for a lady
while fighting windmills.
Dead ends always greet me
as I move in no direction.
I missed you here
nostalgic over there,
a journey never ends
when shortcuts don’t exist,
I strolled down winding roads
traveled both sides of the fork
without the use of a compass
I found out I was never lost.
Cause it doesn’t matter what road I take
when every path leads me back to you

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