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Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe readers, guest writers and baristas are invited to post one link to one specific post (750 words or less please!) from your blog into the comments section below.  Be sure to pick your best recent post*, because we will be choosing a Weekly Barista Favorite to be published in full on the Go Dog Go Cafe with a link back to the your blog.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

*By posting below, the Baristas of the Go Dog Go Café assume permission to publish your piece on the Go Dog Go Café,  if it is chosen the Weekly Barista Favorite.  All authors will be properly cited and we will publish a link back to your blog.

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Newborn Promise

Come read the tender and touching poem of a Mom’s unconditional love – “Newborn Promise”! Please visit Kim’s blog??


A real life poem by: Kim Colquitt

When our eyes met I felt complete adoration.
Followed by unconditional love and instant gratification.

So picture perfect the two of us,
if anyone should disagree it is not open to discuss.

I have loved you now for many months.
Kept you safe while protecting you from all of lifes bumps.

You were once the bun in my oven.
Now you are here and I am in seventh heaven.

I will keep you safe and warm.
I will shelter you from the storm.

I promise to always do my best.
Take care of your needs and let god do the rest.

You are the apple of my eye.
I am a little scared I can not lie.

From this day forward I want to make this promise to you…

My love is unconditional and I will always try my hardest as your mom…

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Good Teacher

Come see if you had a “Good Teacher”

Penny Wilson Writes

You were a good teacher.

You taught my skin to delight in your caress.

My fingers learned to search for yours.

I learned to listen for your whispers.

My sighs learned your name.  

My desire learned to match your heat.

My pulse learned to quicken with your embrace.

You taught me to thirst for your touch.

I learned the loneliness of empty nights.

You taught my tears to fall in your absence.

You taught me how to say goodbye.

I learned of a broken heart.

© 2018 Penny Wilson

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