Love in Action

Is this painting worth more than a thousand words?

Nuggets of Gold

19a4872e1875cc68ecace54bf17a77ecI was looking for a painting on Pinterest  to write a story around and this painting leaped out and pulled on my heartstrings.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I don’t think I could convey the emotion that this painting stirs in me as a parent, a wife, daughter, sister and friend even if I had a thousand words.  Today I will let the painting be your story all by itself and to all those out there who have been my umbrella in life’s storms, Thank You!

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The Past is Not Always What You Think It Is

Come and learn why “The Past Is Not Always What You Think It Is”

Humoring the Goddess

What is the quote —You Can Never Go Home Again?

Perhaps that’s not the correct quotation, but its meaning hit me this past weekend.

I have always dreampt of going back to where I spent the first 22 years of my life, the house I grew up in. Now leaving home at 22 isn’t a big deal except for the fact that it was 44 years ago. We always go back to my husband’s old stomping grounds in Chicago, but that’s because we go down there to see his brother who still lives in the house he grew up in. So we always got to experience where he grew up.

But never where I did.

So Saturday we went to pick up my brother-in-law from a physical rehab center two blocks from my old house, and I asked if I could be dropped off so I could walk around the…

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