Dance #writephoto (and a socs rant…)

But I Smile Anyway...

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Partners bowing down
While facing one another
Ready to perform
Their first dance, after a break
But, can they keep their distance?

Ritu 2020

Today’s poem is less about dancing and more about my thoughts as we are preparing for maybe going back into school come June 1st.

I am a Reception teacher, the 4-5 year olds, and they, along with Year One and Year Six pupils, have been suggested as the first classes to head back to school when the time is right.

My first thoughts?

How on earth can we socially distance thirty 4-5 year olds (x2) in a classroom, and outside at playtime?

Apparently, by halfing the class numbers… and using other teachers to take smaller groups, staggering drop off and pick up times and playtimes and eating lunch in our classrooms.

Will we get PPE?

No, because the govt doesn’t think…

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