Senryū – Love’s Sweet Music Bleeds – A poem by Goff James

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A poem inspired by Go Dog Go Café’s Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge ‘Even a rose has thorns’

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Image and Poem Attribution © goffjamesart/photography/poetry

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Extraordinary beauty danced alone. Green eyes offered me glances of come and dance a forbidden dance. Wise men know to run when the siren called. Foolish men fall to the landscape of beautiful face and perfect body. The tempting smile stole away my fear and allowed the taunting of unnatural feast to mislead him to destine inferno of love that cannot be.

She came to me wearing Summer dress showing slender shoulders and sun-kissed brown skin. She asked me. “Are you  dancing tonight Johnnie?? I was captive by her long Texas tan legs and my stirring to die and bleed in her captive gaze. I told her. You are looking very dangerous tonight my beautiful friend. You are roaming alone tonight and you are looking very toxic dear love. You broke my heart once. You believe a man will be shattered twice by your kiss and touch. Find secret…

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We are meant to survive

Savvy Raj

From the age of innocence
To the age of advancement

From unraveling of the mysteries
Of the mind the body and the being

Emerging from the depths of darkness
To exploration in light & space.

Diving into the ocean of life
Living in the extreme conditions

With just the will to dare
And discover the unknown


We humans has traveled through time
Leaving imprints of consciousness

Both successful and otherwise
Every century has it’s own stories.

Yes we are living through troubles times
Calling in for tough measures.

A subject of huge debate
With confusion and chaos.

But survive we have and we will
Through calamities and war.

Inspite of impending darkness
We will keep moving towards light

Upholding hope beyond despair
Let’s help keep love alive in our hearts.

We will overcome the passing storms
We will survive the unsurmountable

We will persevere and thrive
For we are…

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