Three Little Lines Of Poetry

By Charles Robert Lindholm  3-8-2017  4:30 a.m


3 LITTLE LINES OF POETRY CThree little lines of poetry

so easily I read

but then I found them wandering

deep inside my head

 Then slowly, and so softly

I heard the whispering start

and before too long, I heard the song

they were singing to my heart


Three little lines of poetry 

healed, the broken hearted me

with words so strong and beautiful

they set my spirit free





Three little lines of poetry

so simple and so strong

and in my dreams, I hear them singing

and I softly hum along



© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the Poetry of DavyD’s many three line poems on “Inside The Mind Of DavyD” on and a comment from “Singledust” ( that she only wrote “little lines” of poetry.

Thank you both so much for the inspiration for this poem.  I appreciate you both so much!!


    1. Ahh, My Dear!! I cannot tell You how much I Love You for going through all of my older poems and spending time with my words!! I am honored and blessed to have such an avid follower as You! I am so grateful for you spending your precious time with my words! An Awesome and Beautiful Gift, Sweet K!!


    1. Thank you so much! This was a fun piece to put together. I loved the thought and the photos too. I have had some people tell me that I shouldn’t include them as they are unneeded. I have stopped adding photos but I really like to have them. What is your opinion? I thought it was helpful but have been told that it is better to let the reader “Imagine”. Curious on your thoughts?


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words! I am so glad that we are following so we can chat and enjoy each other’s work and company!!! Thanks again for joining our “Little Meme”! So Happy to have you in our circle!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for all your comments and interest. I did lookup Meme in the dictionary and here is what it said:
    an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media i.e. The Grumpy Cat

    Looking forward to your “Stab”! I’m guessing there will be Blood? LOL!


  2. Charles, I read this and your comments and was humbled and gobsmacked. The thought that my three line poems could inspire you to write poetry of this quality is such an inspiration. Also thank you for introducing me to Singledust. Her work is also inspiring. For once I am lost for words so all I can say is thank you.

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    1. DavyD, my friend, you have no idea how much I appreciate your poems and writing and questions as well as your insight and humor (I love it when you make me laugh i.e. free the adverbs! what a crack up). I am pleased to tell you that I do consider you a mentor and motivator from your comments and your work. I have told you in the past how much I am amazed at the power and awe of your three line poems. Me, I just go – on and on and on to get half way to where you get in three lines. Still is astonishing to me. It’s like you put your words into one of those Space Bags and smush them down and poof – three lines of gold. One of these days I may be brave enough to try that.

      I am more than happy to have people know you and Singledust were the inspirational seed for this poem. What I liked was that it was a blending of inspiration between the two of you! I really loved that. I have been blessed by you, Singledust and our Sailorpoet for some really great (in my opinion and compared to previous work) inspiration, insight, motivation and encouragement. S Francis is great, he is helping to push a meme for “The Backside Of The Night”! Singledust has done one. So I guess I should challenge you to join us???

      You made my day with even an imagined belief that you are “lost for words”. Your thanks is always more than enough for me! You are more than welcome for the introduction to Singledust! When I told her to check out your work I warned her that it was very addictive and not to attempt it unless she had a lot of time because reading one leads to a chain reaction of reading them all – like falling dominoes. You are, like me, so fortunate to have someone like her who is such a warm and caring and supportive follower and friend. I always look forward to her comments. Your inspiration was from your three lines and hers was from her internal belief that her writing is just “little lines”. I have tried to help her see differently – if see helped inspire me to write this poem then they are such little lines. I have told her I think she has a “defective inner mirror”.

      Thanks again to the both of you for your vital part in helping to birth this poem!!!

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      1. Thank you Charles. I have linked with sailorpoet and am enjoying his work. I am not sure I understand the concept of the meme but am happy to participate in any way. Here is my take on The Backside of the Night in Three lines.
        Her shadow haunts me,
        Pulling my breath away from
        The safety of dreams.

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        1. Glad you have connected with Sailorpoet! I’m not exactly sure either but we have written something with the phrase “The Backside Of The Night” in the poem. Loved your three lines! Have you posted these? Great work – again!

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          1. I see Charles. I will have a stab at something. No haven’t posted but may use them as a seed for a more extended piece. Have a great weekend 🙂

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  3. beautiful poem Charles, I love the art too, do you know who the artist is please…thanks for all you share, blessings, Tai

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. I appreciate you taking time to comment. The answer for now is no, but I will try and run that down for you. No promises, but will check it out. Thank you for the blessings. Likewise, to you my friend. We can never have too many blessings???

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for your kind and supportive words of encouragement! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It is readers like you that make me ever so rewarding to post. Can’t guarantee “never” but less likely for sure!! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate you taking time to do so.

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  4. Reblogged this on Singledust and commented:
    A lovely set of little lines – just how I like it from a sweet poet, though he calls himself reluctant, the words just flow easily. This a sweet gift indeed! Thank you Charles!

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    1. Oh, You are the Sweetest!! Thank you so much for the Reblog! I feel so honored and privileged that you are willing to introduce me to your family of followers! Are you sure I’m “worthy” of that high trust?? See, this is where I would put a flock of emojis. Ha! Yes, it is great being inspired but it was more from you and your reaction to your writing than anything specific I read. I thought I was reluctant?? I guess we both need to be proud and happy that our words find homes in the hearts of others???

      If you hear melodies then you need to record them on a phone or something because they are the Soulmates to the lines and they are calling on you so you can bring the lines and the melodies into the bliss of being blended into a song! Sounds like (couldn’t help myself there) the Universe is calling on you to be a matchmaker??

      I’m so thrilled that you are hearing melodies. I think the words are now anxiously awaiting an introduction to music? You must sing?? I can’t carry a tune if you put a handle on it. I’m so glad you liked your gift! More like a farmer with a beautiful harvest from tiny seeds. I think maybe you should challenge yourself to write about the love of music for “Iines” and vice versa and there “lovers quest” to find one another? Ok then, consider yourself “Dared”! LOL!

      Hope your day went well.

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      1. i had the loveliest day starting from reading you “gift”. I am happy that my little lines can inspire others because that’s what they will always be, little lines that hold parts of me.. Charles while I may write about love and being in love, that’s not my life in all honesty. Happiness is me looking after my myself, not opening myself to hurt anymore though loneliness is a formula I impose on myself, I am closing all those doors, its much better to be with real friends than bad lovers who will lie and manipulate you. My blog is my safe haven , where I write like no one is reading, its just for me, but when friends drop by, I am happy for their company, like yours and a handful of others and yes you are so worthy of the reblog your lines are all so pretty, i wish I could put them in a bottle for display everyday. The melodies come from listening to the earth and letting her speak, she is subdued by harsh noises and loud people and only speaks to those who care to listen. So if you want those melodies listen with me,and she will sing to you too. I end by saying, your gift was pure in intent and generous in giving and that’s why its the best gift worth receiving, no strings attached, just pure love! Thank you again Charles!

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        1. As always, thank you so much for you kind words and wishes!! I hope that things will change for the better – soon. Exposing yourself to love is a risk, no doubt but sometimes you have to be willing to “Roll The Dice”. Look at me, winner on the third time around? Besides I have had a lot of inspiration and therapy from those experiences! I will post those slowly over time. So glad you take refuge with your followers on your blog. We are here for you! I will try and listen, but you, you need to record the melodies you are hearing, please???

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          1. Thank you for being here and cheering for me. Who knows love may find its way into this cold heart one day. Reading you has certainly mellowed me. The melodies will come one day.

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  5. oh i got your email and dropped everything and rushed here! this is so beautiful, I am so happy the “little lines” spoke and inspired you, but your lines are much more than that – it’s the perfect melody of a heart melancholic yet full of love for life and hope. I liked it very much. BTW its was 12.30 in the afternoon Malaysian time when i got your message and I am just about to stop for lunch. this is just perfect for me to carry on humming. Thank you Charles! I was challenged to write a back side of night poem and ping back to you, i hope you got it, i pinged in your Calliope poem, if not here it is .

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    1. Yes, I got the pingback. Thanks for joining the meme. I guess you are about 23 hours ahead of here. You, My Dear, have the same problem I do. You have a terrible time accepting a compliment. Me too. You deserve credit for the seed. Thanks so for the kind words.

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