By Charles Robert Lindholm  – 3-9-2017  at 6:00 p.m.


4.1.1I dropped a pebble in a pond

and watched the ripples run

racing toward a distant shore

because of what I’d done




 I knew that soon they’d wash ashore

with a playful, warm embrace

and the gentle kiss I sent

from me, here in my place



And I send my poems into the world

like a pebble in a pond

with words as ripples reaching out

to touch the Great Beyond



we’re worlds apart

I hope my words

will touch your heart



With a playful,

warm embrace

that puts a smile

upon your face

 And Joy in your Soul

 © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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85 thoughts on “I DROPPED A PEBBLE IN A POND

        1. Oh, My Dear You’ve made the start of 2020 so wonderful!!! So happy you have enjoyed my words. I started saving most of my original work for a book in the middle 2018 to present.. You might like some of my Poetry = poems?? Onlly six words.. You can search using the # (pound sign, #Poetry =) I have about 199. You are an angel searching and viewing my archives!! Wishing the blessings of health, happiness and love for 2020 and always!!!


          1. The ones that you want in the book aren’t published here right?? It’s always best not to expose them on the blog😁
            It’s already New Year’s eve where I am😊so hope your new year is magical. Looking forward to read more from your blog. Thanks for the great vibes😊🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌Hope 2020 is the year you publish your work💪😍

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        2. Oh, My you are half a world away! What country are you living in? Me, U.S. Near Austin Texas!

          Yes, they consider things posted on a blog as “Published” and then not fit since they only want unpublished works.

          Have a great 2020, My Dear!!
          xoxo 💖🌹


        3. Thank you so much for following my blog and spending your precious time their! I am so very appreciative of you going back into my archives, especially 2017 and 2018 and viewing my poems!! Love you blog and writing too, My Dear!!

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        4. If you are looking to read my poems then my 2017-2018 archives are the best place to go. I have been stockpiling my unpublished poems for a book! Thank so much for your interest in my poems!!
          I love your writing!!


    1. Is it ok for me to put a pingback to “A Thank You Ripple” at the end of my post, “I Dropped A Pebble In A Pond?? Please?

      Thanks again for “Letting me coax you” into posting this! It is so wonderful to see Your words so Happy!!!

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        1. I am happy to report that I have placed the Pingback to “A Little Thank You Ripple” on this post. Oh, and I always envision the last photo on this post as You being Happy and silly! Ha!


  1. Oh, My Friend you are so generous with your praise! Thank you for the kind words. I just love it that you always “get it”. You as well, you as well.

    I have to apologize for having fallen behind on staying current with your work – you have been so prolific lately, and I’m loving to see it but feeling guilty on not catching up! I’m going to have to set aside a “DavyD Day” to get back on track. Many thanks again for all of your support, encouragement and your humor and Spirit.

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    1. Charles, please do not feel guilty. Any visit or read of my work is deeply appreciated. It is great to read your blog and watch your poetry grow and the interaction and connection with other poets /writers is as important to me as the poems themselves. As well as your poetry you are fostering a great community, so thank you 🙂

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      1. I really appreciate your work so much! I have been missing your thought provoking questions to your followers. So, I’m going to set up that DavyD Day.

        Thank you so much for following my blog and being such a great supporter. You are such a great Friend and Kindred Spirit. I really love the ripples I have received from you as well as the ones you have helped me send too. My work is so much better and fun because of you and I’m in your debt!!! I like that we are fostering some other Kindred Spirits, don’t you?

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        1. Thank you Charles, the more kindred spirits the merrier. I find much inspiration from many of the writers and poets on the blogs I read. It is great to see yours starting to flourish 🙂

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          1. I will second that, the more the merrier and fulfilling! I feel blessed to see my blog starting to grow and being able to meet such wonderful people. And I’m so lucky that I was able to have you as one of the first of my little family of followers!!

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  2. Beautiful poem … simple and flows so naturally like happiness skipping along! Love the image of word ripples going far beyond …esp the image! ( 😉 Though I don’t understand german words in that dictionary) am holding on to your imagery thus created.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the imagery! I was going for a representation of the way I hope my words, put out to the world, will be received. Thanks for being one!

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  3. The little pebble thrown in the middle, rippled and waved to my shore, and I smiled for it was sent with happiness for me, to make its way to a sad lonely space, and dwell like warm sunshine on my face. Even though we are separated by time and space, you are close in thought and words cannot replace the effect you have in increasing the smiles on my face! BTW – loved all the photos you finally chose! Thank you for this lovely lovely piece of poetry, i want to print it and put it in my journal!

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    1. As always, I’m honored by your comment and kind words! This is just the harvest from the seed and I’m so glad you smiled in approval, and joy?? Are you going to post your verse in this post? I’m hoping!! Took a long while but did finally find some. I loved the one with the ripples over words and the last one. I was hoping the last one might be the reaction my words would receive from you. Was it? Wow, have I made it to the journal? Finally, someone who wants a printed copy of a few of my words!!!! You, My Dear, have just made my week. Be warned – all these kind words makes me want MORE!

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      1. Hi Charles! I posted the poem in your comment section here not posting it anywhere else it should be here where your poetry lives. Such a bountiful and rich harvest it is when Calliope is by your side, tell she is a muse like no other. Yes the ripples are increasing my smiles and the appreciation of your lines. Well, if kind words inspire you as much as they do me then my journal will be thick with printed poetry! I loved the thought behind the poem you wrote but wanted to reply in poetry of my own to show you the music it fills me with. Hoping you and your beautiful muse have a lovely weekend together catching sunshine, holding hands and being there for each other.

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        1. I read your words and they were like the warming morning sunshine to my soul! Thank you for that! I am so pleased that any of my words would inspire you to write. Promise you won’t lock these verses here in a comment section??? Please?? They deserve a life of their own in your own separate poem! You can put them on your blog or the Poet’s Corner. I hear them begging me to ask you to let them out??

          You know she is getting a little jealous that she is not the only one inspiring me? So glad the “ripples” made it to you and you are smiling – a beautiful one I might add. I will endeavor to write journal worthy poems. Happy you can hear music – it wants you to record it!!! Calliope has rounds to make so I only get a little time and she is not so thoughtful, kind and supportive as you!! She never leaves comments??? LOL!

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          1. Oh she doesn’t need to comment she can just whisper in your ear! The poetry stays here! It fits well! Honestly I am backed up with loads of unpublished stuff but the words just won’t stop, they spill over everywhere. Happy you are happy!

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        2. My Dear Singledust, I found this poem that you placed in my comment section and do want your words to have a life of their own and not buried in my comments. I can’t tell you how much your poem means to me but it would be the most tremendous gift to me if you would please publish this in a post on your blog – Please, pretty please????

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          1. I know and it is so precious to me that You did and that You were moved to do it! I do feel so unworthy of Your time and attention. I do have such a deep love for your words that as much as I would love to treasure and hoard these all to myself I feel guilty that they are being held in the dungeon of my comment section instead of being able to see the light of day in the Real World!

            Your followers so vastly outnumber mine that it really does make me feel like a criminal who has stolen the Mona Lisa and is hiding it in a dark and dank vault so no one can thrill at the beauty that was created for everyone to see. I hope You can understand the silly feeling I have??? I know that You have such a tender and perceptive heart so I know that You will!!


        1. Oh, Gina!! I so appreciate this very special gift to me but I want the world to see it and I don’t want you to let it be hidden here. Would you consider re blogging “I Dropped A Pebble In /a Pond” and then posting this poem as a response? I would really treasure it even more if you would be willing to let it live as a response poem to mine and post it on your blog -Please???

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      1. I am aware, yes, she did mention it to me, it made me proud to hear that my little world has had such a positive impact on yours and feels like merely he beginning of something very good. Both a friendship, but also a positive spirit that will encourage and support what matters most to kindred spirits.

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