Snippet – Sweet

Sarah Doughty

Heya Lovelies,

Here’s Day 18 of Fantasy Indies April: Snippet – Sweet Scene

Featuring Enduring The Flames

Teddy Bears.

A sudden lurch pulled me away from my recurrent, blurry and incoherent dream. My eyes shot open and my heart rate tripled from the jolt as my center of balance shifted for an instant. With a quick look down, I realized I was attached to Vlad’s arm.

While my head was still using his shoulder as a pillow up until I was roused from my sleep, I was, to my utter embarrassment, no longer holding his hand. My whole body was angled toward him with both of my legs curled up on the seat.

The vampire’s muscled arm was clutched against my chest like it was a warm teddy bear disguised as a seat belt with his hand resting so high on my outer thigh it was almost on my hip…

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‘Oseh shalom’, a New Poetic Form

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

Senseless, or: Relentless

My 1st‘Oseh Shalom’

Ukrainian children flee;
nuclear power plant set ablaze;
senseless, relentless war;
please - just stop;
let live - Amen.

The new ‘Oseh Shalom’ poetic form

I have created a new syllabic form of poetry, based upon the Jewish prayer for peace ‘Oseh Shalom’, which is sung as a popular children’s song:

‘Oseh Shalom’ poem requirements:

  • a pentastitch (a poem in 5 lines);
  • syllabic: 7/9/6/3/4;
    • the final two syllables must be the word: ‘Amen’
  • thematic: written about peace.


The above ‘Oseh Shalom’ form was created for Colleen M. Chesebro’s ‘Tanka Tuesday’ prompt: Poets were encouraged to create their own syllabic poetry forms.

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Used Lover Blues (2)

David Redpath

A Mediterranean Odysseum

I once had an epic lover

of Olympian splendour

Nightly she would come to me

as the lustful goddess, Aphrodite

Lost in her insatiable pleasure

I was driven completely crazy

Yet by the break of dawn

she would miraculously transform

into Athena, the born again virgin

… Zeus’s warlike daughter

with her divinity fully intact

in a vesuvian rage, and ready to attack

Her Bronze Age Wisdom

wielded as a deadly weapon

Was I just her Troy Boy to be used

and then abandoned come the morning?

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And Then… #Poetry

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Take one silken thread
And then
Let it free to touch
And then
With wings unseen, fly
And then
Unite the world in thought
And then
Take each other’s hand
And then
With touch, love springs
And then
Ghosts whisper of demons gone
And then
Old memories come knocking
And then
The silken thread is broken
And then
You see change is fleeting 
And then
New ideas keep breathing
And then 
You start again


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All the things I thought I knew

I knew would someday collapse

Someday collapse and bury me

Bury me underneath its facts

All the things I thought I knew

I knew I’d someday regret

Someday regret the knowledge

The knowledge I wish you’d kept

All the things I thought I knew

I knew somehow would steal time

Steal time along with my youth

My youth sold for a nickle and a dime

All the things I thought I knew

I knew nothing that could save me

Save me from the mess I’d make

I’d make so tangle-y

For the whole world to see

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