By Bree Leto and Charles Robert Lindholm

I’ve never been one to enjoy a storm
despite its fascination and excitement,
the lightning and thunder
and the pounding of raindrops
But that’s what you were
to me last night.

You were the storm
wreaking havoc on my senses,
Challenging me
and daring me
to come and chase you
And, for the first time, I did.

I ran straight out into the fury
feeling the rain,
and the wet,
getting drenched to the core
as you swiftly wrapped yourself around me.
I felt the full force of your wild nature
and fast-moving fingers.
I screamed into the wind
from the thrill of it all,
not wanting it to stop.

Something amazing happened to me
while we were wrapped
and bonded together,
discovering pleasures
and unleashing cravings…
it changed me

Before I met you,
I never enjoyed storms
But now I have become addicted
to chasing the storm
that is you.

Copyright © 2021 Bree Leto And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 05-25-2021

Writing with Bree with such a pleasure!  Collaborating with her is always magical!!!
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