By Charles Robert Lindholm

In A Playful Moment
She Caught Me
Totally Off Guard
With A Blindside Kiss

Friends For Years
But Near The End
Of Our First Date
I Never Expected This

She Quickly Took My Face
Between Her Soft Hands
And I Was Captured As She
Put Her Eager Lips On Mine

Not A Stranger
To A Passionate Kiss
I Learned That Night
What I’d Been Missing
From Her Plundering Tongue

Like A Saber Thrusting
And A Taste So Sweet
Her Tongue Taught Mine
To Fight And Dance The Tango
To Land Like A Butterfly
And Duel With Delight
The Most Passionate Kiss
In A Lifetime That Night

Only Once
With Her Wild
And Plundering Tongue
But The Memory
Was Etched
On My Heart

We Never
Had Another Date
For I Was Late In Asking
And I Curse The Fool That I Am

She Said Yes To Another
Who Captured Her Heart
And Her Plundering Tongue

With A Ring

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
7.3.2018 @6:12 a.m.

In Memory Of Donna Brinkerhoff Who Passed Away From Breast Cancer At 33 Leaving Behind A Loving Husband, Two Beautiful Girls Under 5 And A Fool Who Wonders, “What If” From Time To Time In His Dreams!