By Charles Robert Lindholm

Lies, Speculation
Are Not “Proof”!  (You Had Your Days And Days In Court to prove conspiracies)
Trump Lost – Get Over

Your Whining,
Brainwashed Trump Supporters!!!
You’re An Embarrassment To

(Don’t Be A Crybaby – Like Trump,
He’s Not Really A Good Role Model For Anyone!)

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

He Has Done Quite Well
To Still Have Almost Half The Electorate
Mesmerized Or Brain Washed
With His Lies, Misinformation
And Belief In His Horrendous Policies

Maybe What They Say About
Advertising And Religion Is True,
It’s The Endless Repetition 
That Makes People Believe

Sadly, Hundreds Of Thousands
Of Innocent People, Americans
He Was Sworn To Protect
Paid For His Lies, Deception And Greed
With Their Lives

A President Who Has Broken
His Vow To Protect America’s Citizens
No Longer Deserves To Be President
And Deserves To Be Voted Out Of Office
By “We The People”

But His Tried And True Methods Of
Lawsuits And Lies Will Not Protect Him
From The Voters Who Know The Truth
About Who He Really Is And
His Tens Of Thousands Of Lies

It’s Time To Pay The Piper
And Donald Trump Will Not
Be Able To Cheat His Way Out
Of The Judgment Of Voters
With His Lawsuits And Lies

America Will Be Saved, And Democracy Too,
From Trump And Trumpism,
But At A Heavy Price

Sad, That It Had To Come
So Close To Having America’s
First Dictator Before
Enough People Took Action

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Are you really informed or just opinionated?

People don’t like to think of themselves as closed minded or
uninformed. They don’t like to think of themselves as only
believing in dogma or someone who disregards facts.

They like to think that the person or source they trust for information
is informed and up to date, believes in science and is Honest.
We have seen what happens when those in charge don’t believe
in science, aren’t up to date on facts or misrepresent the facts.

In bygone days religions persecuted those who didn’t believe in the flat earth theory of the world. Those who didn’t believe that the sun circled the earth were persecuted for heresy. They were condemned for passing on
“Fake News” by those who had no basis to offer any real facts or information!!

So, there are those who only tell you what is in their self-interest even if it’s
a lie. Unless you are smart enough to care and investigate both sides of an issue and not just the one that you are told by your normal source of information and authority then – YOU Are just Opinionated.

If you want to be something other than a modern day Flat Earth Believer, if you want to be Informed and not someone who only believes half truths or lies then you must work at it. You have to read and know the opposing information to your source of information. It takes time and effort to be Educated and informed. Try it and see what happens – you may like being informed and not just opinionated with the opinion of others.

The Truth About the Coronavirus is now out in a new documentary:
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Jon Oliver
The Truth On Coronavirus


By Charles Robert Lindholm

Pandemic’s Over,
Trump’s Favorite Lie,
Proof He’s Stupid And

One Believes,
With New Cases
And Deaths At Record

Stock Market’s
Selling Off, Proof
It Doesn’t Believe Him

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A White House Office Of Science And Technology Policy News Release Made The Claim In Announcing A Document Highlighting The Administration’s Science And Technology Achievements Over The Past Four Years.

“Highlights Include: Ending The Covid-19 Pandemic,” The News Release Sent To Reporters Read. “From The Outset Of The Covid-19 Pandemic, The Administration Has Taken Decisive Actions To Engage Scientists And Health Professionals In Academia, Industry, And Government To Understand, Treat, And Defeat The Disease.”


By Keza/ Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm/ The Reluctant Poet

I’ve Nowhere To Hide
From The Evil Contagion
That Spews And Spreads
From The Tenebrous Mind
And Out The Mouth
 Of A Fool

A Vector
Infecting The Air
With Waves Of Hate
Ignorance And Lies

Drowning The Ears
And The Eyes
Of The Willing
And Unsuspecting Victims
With Billowing Black Derechos
Filled With Poisonous
Words, Thoughts And Beliefs
That Bring Sorrow, Death And Cruelty
To The Innocent And The Believers

Billowing Black Derechos
Engulf The Land,
Enraging Emotions
Filling The Lungs Of Some With Venom,
But No Regrets In Their Hearts And Souls
For The Mistakes And Wrongs Of Yesterdays

We’ve No Need To Hide
From The Evil Contagion
That Spews And Spreads
From The Tenebrous Mind
And Out The Mouth
 Of A Fool

Because We Have
The Strength
And Light Of Truth
And The Power Of Love
For Everyone
That Will Protect Us
And Make Us Immune
To The Evil And Lies
From The Mouth Of A Fool

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All Rights Reserved – 10-20-2020 – 7:00 a.m.

Many thanks to Keza of SpiritedSoul for the joy of writing together!!
Always looking forward to our next magically collaboration!!

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