I don’t know anyone in America that declined the Stimulus checks, even if they didn’t really need them.

The rugged individualist from American Folklore is a myth from the past that no longer exists no matter what you may believe or what your political beliefs are. 

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Republicans and right wing political groups have surrendered to Trumpism and become Trumpist Zombies that drink political Kool-aid.  They vote for politicians that actually LIE, and fight against policies for “The People”.  They oppose and obstruct laws that actually have over 60% support by average Americans.  They actively support Voter Suppression that helps rig elections so only their candidates win. 

If you really love Democracy then only vote for those who support fair and open elections.  We in America should all be proud and thankful of all of those in the past that fought for the rights and benefits we all enjoy and so many take for granted. 

Before anyone rants and raves about liberalism and big government they should be forced to learn about all the things they would be forced to live without or give up had Liberals not stood up and fought against the Rich, Big Corporations and the Powerful so that “THE PEOPLE” could also have a better life in America.  It’s a very, very long list of what you now enjoy everyday without knowing how you came to receive it.

Vote for those that support and protect Everyone and the Environment!!

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Lies, Speculation
Are Not “Proof”!  (You Had Your Days And Days In Court to prove conspiracies)
Trump Lost – Get Over

Your Whining,
Brainwashed Trump Supporters!!!
You’re An Embarrassment To

(Don’t Be A Crybaby – Like Trump,
He’s Not Really A Good Role Model For Anyone!)

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All Rights Reserved – 01-05-2021 – 07:00 a.m. 

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

He Has Done Quite Well
To Still Have Almost Half The Electorate
Mesmerized Or Brain Washed
With His Lies, Misinformation
And Belief In His Horrendous Policies

Maybe What They Say About
Advertising And Religion Is True,
It’s The Endless Repetition 
That Makes People Believe

Sadly, Hundreds Of Thousands
Of Innocent People, Americans
He Was Sworn To Protect
Paid For His Lies, Deception And Greed
With Their Lives

A President Who Has Broken
His Vow To Protect America’s Citizens
No Longer Deserves To Be President
And Deserves To Be Voted Out Of Office
By “We The People”

But His Tried And True Methods Of
Lawsuits And Lies Will Not Protect Him
From The Voters Who Know The Truth
About Who He Really Is And
His Tens Of Thousands Of Lies

It’s Time To Pay The Piper
And Donald Trump Will Not
Be Able To Cheat His Way Out
Of The Judgment Of Voters
With His Lawsuits And Lies

America Will Be Saved, And Democracy Too,
From Trump And Trumpism,
But At A Heavy Price

Sad, That It Had To Come
So Close To Having America’s
First Dictator Before
Enough People Took Action

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