Somehow, out of all the twists and turns

our lives could have taken, and out of all

the chances we might have missed, it almost

seems like we were given a meant – to – be

moment … to meet, to get to know each

other, and to set the stage for a special



When I’m with you, I know I am in

the presence of someone who makes my

life more complete.  I feel like you’re

my soul mate, and I want you to know

that my world is reassured by you, my

tomorrows need to have you near, so

many of my smiles depend on you and

my heart is so thankful that you are here.

                        I LOVE YOU!




A Soulmate is someone you can

be completely comfortable with.

Someone with whom you share unconditional love

and when you look into each other’s eyes,

you know that you are home.

            Arielle Ford



By Charles Robert Lindholm

Why is it that Love hurts?
Even when things are going right
Being apart puts a hurt on your heart
that’s like being held underwater

Being “In Love” makes silence painful
a crushing need and desire to hear the voice
of the one that soothes your soul

Is it the inner fear,
that feeling of anxiety
from childhood when the lights go out
that we are really alone?

Why do I long to hear Your Voice?
yearn for Your touch
desire to be with You
wrapped up in Your arms 

You are my Touchstone
You are home to me
being with You
reassures me
that I am not alone

I have faith in our love
and it is strong
but sometimes
in the darkness
without a light
in the middle of the night
I need to touch my Touchstone
so I know I’m not alone
or in a dream 

You are My Touchstone 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – Please Come View My Archives!!


My Dear Friend Gina/Singledust has been writing a beautiful, delicate and romantic series of poems entitled “Sweet Whispers” which I want to highly recommend to you.  Please investigate this series and Her other works!

Gina and I have previously collaborated on a little “Duet” called “Allie’s Song for Noah“.  Her poem “Let Me” spoke to my heart and I brashly interlaced some of my words at the end of her lines which ended up in our posts as, “Allie’s Song For Noah”.  This was a little imaginative writing as a take off on a supposed alternate ending to “The Notebook”.  Gina was generous and gracious enough to grant permission to post that “duet” as a collaboration.

After reading Gina’s “Sweet Whispers #8” I felt I needed to warn her that her poem was whispering to my heart.  So I was once again inspired to continue our little collaboration on another “Duet” in “The Notebook” vein. Continue reading