By Charles Robert Lindholm

Have you ever wondered how Authoritarian Dictators take over a free society? I have, especially with what is going on in America today and elections looming in the Trump – Biden contest!!

Is America in danger of losing its democracy to an Authoritarian that wants to become a Dictator? I wondered and stumbled across some information on how Hitler did it!! Please read this from “Facing History and Ourselves!!! Share it with friends!

Don’t let the Evil in history repeat itself in America!!

How did Hitler do it? How did he destroy the Weimar Republic and replace it with a totalitarian government – one that controls every part of a person’s life? Many people have pointed out that he did not destroy democracy all at once. Instead, he moved gradually, with one seemingly small compromise leading to another and yet another. By the time many were aware of the danger, they were isolated and alone.

This chapter details those steps. It also explores why few Germans protested the loss of their freedom and many even applauded the changes the Nazis brought to the nation. Historian Fritz Stern offers one answer. “The great appeal of National Socialism – and perhaps of every totalitarian dictatorship in this century – was the promise of absolute authority. Here was clarity, simplicity.” To achieve that clarity, the German people gave up “what for so long they had taken for granted: the formal rule of law, a free press, freedom of expression, and the elementary protection of habeas corpus.”2 *SEE CITE

Don’t let Authoritarian government come to America – VOTE FOR FREEDOM AND THE RULE OF LAW!!

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By Charles Robert Lindholm 1-16-2017 @ 11:07 p.m.

The travelers come

across the open space

mostly in the mornings

at daybreak


Their pace is random

sometimes in a hurry

to be somewhere

and sometimes with a

leisurely stroll

pausing to smell the roses


they are fun to watch

but we worry

about the crossing

they have to make


there is no crosswalk

and no signs

where they choose to

go across a four lane road


the crossing spot varies

from day to day

as well as their mood

from disdainful to crazy

in a heartbeat


the cars stop

but close calls happen

and once in awhile

a tragedy

We worry about the crossing

and the fawns!

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Inspired by The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Crossing on 1-4-2017

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