You should leave


With the breeze stroking me, you should leave,

So that I don’t feel uneasy with myself,

feels like a mere flesh in your bed.

Before the curtain doesn’t smell like our love,

The wet towel you threw on the floor

Lose its essence of your soul

You should leave!

Or else I would fall for you again,

It will take the whole of me to be so pleasant again.

I burned myself, here I am the ash,

Just to remove you from my existence.

So leave before I could lose these ashes too,

Buried within me, no place to call home.

-Riya Shah

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Been Nowhere, Seen Nothing

Come Read This Great Love Poem!

The Lighthouse

Do you remember when we kissed
in the dim bar, beneath the railway arches
that hypnotic smile you wore
the way you demanded to be held
as all hell broke loose between us

Do you remember how you took my hands
as we walked beside the rails
you thrust yourself into my grasp
pushed your body hard against mine
and stopped time

And I felt so alive
that I’d
been nowhere
seen nothing
before that night

I still think about the drunken orange skies
the red tail lights stretching on for miles
as we drifted through the sprawling city
the only heat; that which burned between us
pressing your entire being up against me

And I felt so alive
truly, I’d
been nowhere
seen nothing
before that time

I remember you so clearly
with such precise clarity
I wonder do you remember me
do you still think of me at…

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In the shadows

Loly Rinn

Light shines,
And I stand in the shadows.

I think,
I will run to the light.

Won't the shadows follow me?

The light fades away.
I forget it.

I cast my chance away.
The shadows are a solace to my loneliness.
I am happy.

I think,
I belong here
Clambering in the dark
Of this mysterious existence.

I still have dreams,
But the light will have to find me,
And me not it.

© 2021 Loly Rinn
From a personal anthology of bygone poetry
Photo by Tanya Trofymchuk on Unsplash

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Welcome the Rain

Rhapsody Bohème

Picture: Google

A rare occurrence happened here in the desert today. It thundered and rained, for hours, at times downright pouring moisture from the sky. Several times I found myself drawn to the window, to listen to the thunder, to watch the drops falling and to listen to the sound as they made impact with the roof of this house. My house, my home of 20 years. It would probably be the last time that I would hear this sound within these walls and I paused to take it all in, for I wanted to remember.

I was thinking about how much I love the rain. From the sound, the cleansing metaphor of the landscape and the fragrant smell of wet sagebrush. How much I love to hike in the gentle rain, remembering there feeling of peace and serenity. It wasn’t long until I realized that it was that very…

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