Commit Me

Who said Poetry can’t be fun, exciting, provocative, serious and crazy all at the same time? Please read Midwest Fantasy’s post – “Commit Me”.

I’m guessing there will be a difference of opinion between the sexes. Please don’t miss this delightful post. Take some time to visit Midwest Fantasy’s site.

Midwest Fantasy Writes

commit me


someone commit me

commit me to any place


any way you need

if you do that

my crazy can be confirmed

and I may feel better



Ph|eBaum’s World

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How can I explain how you make me feel?

Sara of sarainlalaland has created something that almost all of us have tried to express to our Beloved. We try to put into words how the person we love makes us feel and almost always come up short of being able to do the task justice.

Please don’t miss Sara’s “How Can I Explain How You Make Me Feel”. Perhaps this might inspire you to take a go at putting into words how your Beloved makes you feel??

Please check out Sara’s site and also give your friends and followers a chance to read this wonderful piece by sharing it.

Sara in LaLaLand

Where do I start?

Heart beating, thudding, beating, pounding – dum dum dum. Catch it please before it escapes my chest

I feel so warm, rather at peace

I breathe in love, lust, passion, memories, fantasies

I breathe out a sigh of relief knowing it is real

When I reach out my hand, I know you will be there to hold it

When I cry my eyes out, I know you will be there to hold me

You help me, you encourage me, you educate me

If you know I can do it, I know I can do it, I doubt you not

We dance, we laugh, we have a ball

You are my teacher, my lover and my best friend, my hero

You are on my mind at the best of times, but you give me the breathing room I need to grow

You give me light and sustenance…

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All that is left of me 

Nyx shares her heartfelt piece “All That is Left Of Me” and how wonderful it is to have a Love who will stand by You – No Matter What! Please check out Nyx’s site.

Words from a Little Person

When he looks at me I see

Nothing but love looking back at me

Nothing in this life is certain

As I fight this continuous storm

What I do know is that he stays by my side

In this battle he meets my stride

Whether he is near or far away

I know he will fight for me

He is the only one who can see

All that is left of me


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