By Charles Robert Lindholm

Through The Hustle And Bustle,
And Clanging And Banging,
And Shrill Noises And Voices,
I Hear The Quietness
“Come Find Me”

If I Close My Eyes
I Daydream,
I See The Stars At Night,
And Feel The Solitude
Of The Earth Spinning
Beneath A Full Moon

I Hear The Quietness
Of The Universe
And The Wilderness,
The Majestic And Sacred Places
Of Nature And Life,
Whispering To Me
Above The Obnoxious
Noises And Sounds
Of Man

“Come Find Me,
Let Me Wrap,
The Cloak Of Quietness
Around Your Soul,
So Your Heart
May Know The
Peace, Calmness,
Comfort, Joy And Contentment
That I Can Bring

Listen To My Whispers,
Let Me Tempt And Seduce You
Into Wanting Me,
Into Resisting
The Noises And Sounds Of Man

Let The Longing And Desires
For A Simpler Life Start To Burn
In Your Soul, So You Crave Me
And Learn To Love Me
As A Lover”

“Come Find Me,
Let My Whispers
Lead You To Me,
So The Love Of Quietness
Can Fill Your Heart And Soul,

Come Find Me”

Copyright © 2023 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved
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