Survive the Night – Kim V. Poetry

Secrets sharedUnder glitteringStars,2 a.m calls usAnd we answer.Kisses andScorching heatYou and IAnd wickedDelights.We make loveInto the late hours.Bodies, minds, andBroken hearts connected.We explore the depths of our cursed souls and confess our sins to eachSo we can survive the night again.Wrapped in yourArms,Staring up at theSky,We talk about lifeAnd the constellations.We talk about the MoonAnd her guiding light.We talk about usAnd the uncertaintyOf tomorrow.Then dawnApproachesAnd brings the promiseOf a new day.New choicesNew triumphs.New answersTo questions, we askedYesterday.But these hotSweltering nightsIn the summerBring something more.They bring memoriesThat never go away.Memories that never fade.Memories of when we wereFearless andFree.They bring me memoriesOf a love blessed by aSummer moon.When we danced byFirelight and kissedAt dusk untilWe fell asleep inEach other’s arms.They bring me memoriesOf you and how I still loveYou.©KVPART: SkullHeads

Source: Survive the Night – Kim V. Poetry

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