By Charles Robert Lindholm

To a woman of beauty,
with a mischievous smile
and a seductive pose

with words that thrill me
in poems and prose”
a woman worth knowing
as her work clearly shows

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm  – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Tanya Cliff and her mischievous smile and her beautiful, romantic, sensual and thought provoking  words in poetry and prose!  My Back Cataloging (reading her current and archived works) her works was a journey of delight, enlightenment and joy.  I will whole heartedly encourage you to do the same for this wonderful writer whose inner beauty and wisdom is so clear in her words and photos!  Please take a journey with Her!!



Love and Hugs to those who have laughed or cried, smiled or smirked or rolled their eyes and especially to those who took precious time out of their lives to write a comment or chit-chat or to just read my words. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

You have blessed me with a shared moment on the Journey of Life and for that I am forever grateful!!
Chuck Lindholm,
The Reluctant Poet

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