By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I love the way
that You love me
You always make it

I crave the passion
in Your kisses
and that
You’re always willing 

You run Your fingers
through my hair
and nibble
on my ear
You use those
tender tiger claws
to draw me
in so near 

You wrap Yourself
around me
then whisper
Darling, Please!
and just before
the moment
we clinch
our hands and squeeze 

I love to hear You
as You holler
out God’s name
and I love to hear
You moaning
and know
that I’m to blame 

and as You
sink Your teeth in me
and mark me
as Your own
I Love those
Little Love Notes
meant for me

I love the way
You love me
in every single way
my heart and soul
are speechless
for You take
our breath away 

And thank You
so, My Darling

for the Love Notes

on My Skin 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved

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