By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I wasn’t really hiding
from the truth
because it was there
for everyone
to see
but me 

My eyes
saw it
and my mind
knew it too
but my heart
denied the truth
the forest
in plain view 

Holding on hard
to a hope
that was hopeless
in an ocean of tears 

burdened by memories
hidden and horded
my heart was hurting
each day
but it vowed
to never let go 

then like magic
there came one day
the sweet smell of spring
a lovely fragrance
floating on the breeze
and a gentle voice
that whispered
it was you 

and my soul
the sweet smile
from you
was an answer
to its prayer

when my heart unaware
let go of old memories
and reached out to you 

a blessing in disguise


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved

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