By Charles Robert Lindholm


It is again a great honor and privilege for me to have an extremely talented writer grant me permission to read through her back catalog and then present a report on her to you.  And thanks to Mr. S. at Sailorpoet for getting me hooked on Back Catalogging!

I hope that You and Alisa will believe that you have been given a tempting taste of Alisa’s works in this report.  A taste that will make you want to explore and enjoy all of Alisa’s works!

It has been a real pleasure for me to get to know Alisa before doing this report.  As you will learn later, one of her works was the seed of inspiration for one of my most well received poems – “Her Eyes”.  I am so happy that one of my works can share just the smallest amount of poetic DNA with one of Alisa’s works.  Alisa is such a great person to know!  Generous, smart, talented and humorous too.  I consider it a huge honor to call Alisa my Friend!

Please enjoy my journey through the back catalog of Alisa Hutton!  I hope it will inspire you to take your own extended journey through her works and to follow her on WordPress and on her web site –

I will start our journey with the first two pieces of Alisa’s that I read.


This is the very first piece of Alisa’s I read and she hooked me from the get go!  It was instantly obvious to me that this was a very talented writer who was masterfully revealing the way so many handle heartbreak and letting go.  This work starts out with the intriguing line, “I put you in a glass jar”.  The ending was another of Alisa’s excellent closes.

How did this turn out?  Come give “Glass Jar” a read!


I guess I got lucky starting to read Alisa’s writing with this second piece.  This is a delicious peeling back of the layers of discovery about a beautiful lady and the interaction between herself and those around her.

I have to confess to being extremely biased in my admiration of this piece of Alisa’s works.  The ending of this was spellbinding for me:

” Her eyes will speak, no words will be needed

Only a comfortable knowing

In just a glance, a passing moment

Her heart

Purely showing”

This is one of my favorite of Alisa’s works!   It is worthy of that on its own but the fact that it served as the inspiration for one of my best works , “Her Eyes“, puts it way over the line for me.  The line “Her eyes will speak, no words will be needed” said it all!  You can know how powerful a writer is by the fact that they inspire others with seeds of inspiration.

The other privilege I had that resulted from finding “Purely Showing” was the honor and pleasure of meeting and working with Alisa in reviewing my poem before publishing.  Alisa is so much fun and a true delight to share with, connect to and know!!

Do not miss the chance to read “Purely Shown” and then go see “Her Eyes” to see what a beautiful blossom came from Alisa’s seed of inspiration to me.  Perhaps, You can be the next Lucky One who finds a seed of inspiration from Alisa?


Alisa never ceases to amaze me with the depth and emotions of Her works. The delving into what True Love is all about is a mainstay of her work.  I am still trying to catch my breath after re-reading this, yet another masterpiece from Alisa!!!  Too much and too many lines to highlight but here are a few — more than a few!

Love her eyes and the depth they carry

Speak to her with them

Love her because you can’t help but watch her from across a crowded room

Never stop looking just because she isn’t

Love her because there is nobody you would rather sit in silence with

Alisa, kept hitting all the right buttons for me! “Her Eyes”, “Unspoken words”, “there is nobody you would rather sit in silence with”.  Such a brilliant and elegant expression of True love, adoration and contentment with another!! And what is rightly deserved for one that is “Beloved”.

And again, She gave us the full force and beauty of her signature flourish in her ending:

She is love, she deserves nothing less

If you cannot love her this way,

let someone who can

Love her.

Bellissimo, Belissimo Alisa!!!  Stunning!!! Simply and beautifully stunning!!!  This deserves to be put in a frame and hung on Your wall !!!


One of the things that is so great about Alisa’s poems is the consistent beauty of Her words and the inventive and descriptive way she takes us through her work! This is no exception.

Alisa always seems to hook us into the cinematic presentation of the surroundings and characters (crisp white cotton sheets adorn her perfectly reckless body), the textures, the smells (the delicate scent of a fresh spring morning) and the sounds (the sounds of today dancing through the window)

Then she starts her descent into her hallmark endings with “Speaking no words she looks over to me” and then “I look in her eyes and know my heart has spoken, laying in her bed”.

This piece is yet, another stunning poem with a focus on “Her Eyes”.  I think Alisa and I share a love of eyes!!  A beautiful and emotional narrative between two souls who are locked in a look!


This is another one of Alisa’s absolute classics!  It is so elegant, graceful, simple and yet so emotionally powerful in presenting the woman under the Magnolia tree.

Please read this slowly and outloud to get the full effect of Alisa’s words and skill.

Our Friend, SailorPoet Stated it perfectly when he said “You painted the most lovely and touching scene”.  This painting has such descriptive, creative and delicate words that flow so smoothly in a beautiful narrative of a personal interaction that has the most wonderful ending – “She smiled, and I fell in Love Beneath the Magnolia tree”

Alisa came through with her signature flourish – a really great ending!
Thanks again for this exquisite and memorable poem. Please, more like these!!!!


This is a spoiler alert!  This piece is overflowing with love and emotion that you may need some Kleenex for – especially if you are a Mom!  This is a most beautiful and touching narrative of a mother to a newborn child and her lifetime promise:

My promise to you

I will be here to hold your hand

Be sure to find the seeds of inspiration that Alisa has left for you scattered about this poem – Here is a gimmie:

“Snap shots of forever,  So deeply imprinted in my heart”

Please take time to enjoy this!  I think there is a growing feeling that Alisa should post a warning sign that reads “TEAR ZONE AHEAD” on her most deeply emotional pieces!


Another warning – “TEAR ZONE AHEAD”!

This was such a sweet, warm and soft resolution of hurts from the past released with the innocence of a child!  Such a touching and emotional ending, that I will not spoil by commenting on it, but instead leave it as untrodden snowflakes for your soul.

If You have ever been in a break-up of a love relationship that was crushing to Your heart please do not miss this piece!  Please Read this piece.


I am not sure I can describe my reaction to this poem better than my response in the comment section.  Please read this heart wrenching poem for yourself and decide for yourself what you think of my response to this moving and deeply emotional piece!!

Here is the first part of my comment:

Girl !!!!!!!!
You are hurting my heart!!! Where is this sweet Soul who needs the biggest hug ever????
I am sorry but I think I disagree with the final conclusion! . . .

Please read NOT MUCH for yourself.

Finally, I am including some of the other beautiful for you to sample!


Here Alisa is showing a love accepting hidden emotions instead of acting on them.  The line ” Why you are watching it all disappear like a fine mist floating through your fingertips” gives evidence of a feeling of regret about not choosing.  A pensive piece with the wistful question we would all like to have answered.


This is a beautiful piece portraying a wise man in Alisa’s life – Her Uncle.  A great display of an old fashioned way of teaching children of life while fishing.  This had a Norman Rockwell feel, but with words.  Nicely done.


One thing you will learn from reading the works of Alisa Hutton is that she knows how to move you through scenes, topics and issues in a simple but forceful way that will make you notice all the details and emotions being shown.

Alisa is an expert on ending her works that makes it worth reading every word from start to finish.  Here she is observing the Circle of Life and very eloquently states,

” I sat on the fence of life and death,  watching souls come and go

There is only one thing you need to have as you walk through life on your way to deaths door


Simply that, nothing less and nothing more”

Come walk with Alisa through the Circle of Life

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved