Zero entertainment

Keep it alive

Last evening, I chose to waste 3 hours of my life watching the new(?) Batman movie. I have watched perhaps hundreds of Batman movies before but this is the one I’d least recommend. I didn’t enjoy it at all but kept on watching it in the hope that something interesting will happen to lift this dismal flick out of its bleak storyline and provide some quality entertainment.

What I fail to understand was the motivation for producing another Batman movie? There have been better ones made before, I especially like the ones with Christian bale! Those were at least entertaining. Even the ones with Ben Affleck were tolerable. This one was all dark rainy scenes, gruff voices, and grumpy expressionsand zero, zip, zilch entertainment value.

I’m sorry if I have offended any Batman or Robert Pattinson fans but my advice to anyone wanting to waste time and money…

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My word of the year; Kindness

Keep it alive

Being kind doesn’t come naturally to everybody. But kindness shown to anyone is always remembered and appreciated. Last night I was thinking about my family, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Some of them were very kind and caring towards me when I lost my mother. Others, because it wasn’t inherent in their nature, were aloof. Though I loved the family of both my mom and dad, my gratitude to my paternal family is far greater than that towards my late mother’s family. I’m sure they also loved me and my siblings but there weren’t any overt signs of kindness there. So when I pray for my family, my prayers for those who were kinder are mixed with my heartfelt gratitude too!

I believe that one of our purpose in life is to be kind to whoever we can be. We may know them or not, but being kind doesn’t require any…

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Keep taking… until I have nothing left to give.

Love, Life, Broken

Take your pleasure.
Take my pain.
Take the kindness from my heart.

Take what you need.
What is it you need to be satiated?
I’ll give it to you.
What is it you need to feel full?
I’ll give it to you.

Do you notice that I’m running slower?
Do you notice that with each day that I give, my voice gets smaller?
That I am consuming less space than before?

But it is not only your fault.
It is mine as well.

I will not ask you to help fill my cup.
I will not ask you to satiate me.
I do not know how to ask for my own pleasure.
I do not want to take.

My whole life I have given my whole life.

When I meet someone who is willing to give.
I will not meet them like an old friend.
I will greet them like an alien.
Because you are foreign to me.

I don’t know how to act around you.

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