Goutam Dutta

I Write Her

Sonika Agarwal – Unsplash


Season of fall
Few fallen leaves cling to us…
We carry the memories.

Lockdown during pandemic

Hospital full of Corona patients
Empty local train.

Re-opening post 2nd wave

Post lockdown….
Swimming towards morning walkers
Fishes at the lake.

Twilight hues

Vibrant twilight hues…
The sky resplendent in pink
Conch shells herald dusk

Riding through country roads

Swathe of green and blue
Hues bordering the road…
Traveller’s delight.

Onset of Monsoon

Onset of monsoon…
Parched earth scans the horizon
Sweat oozes from pores.

Onset of monsoon…
Blotch of black at horizon
Dance of the peacock.

Onset of monsoon…
Dark clouds come floating with breeze
Fingers type a poem.

Onset of monsoon…
Hanging raindrops swing with breeze
Shades of grey all day.


Goutam is passionate about poetry and writes whenever something or someone touches his heart. His poetry finds space in a number of…

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