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Lonely cigar nights,
Nights you choose recklessness over logic
You reminisce over the bad , good and risky times
You think about your choices
You ponder in if you should have regrets

Lonely whisky nights,
Nights you drown in thoughts
You smile about the happiest photographs in your mind
You cringe about your life , about embarrassing ones
You brood over the hurting ones

Lonely cold nights,
You question if man truly has friends
You wonder why good people seem to get it tougher
You question what makes a person good or bad
You realize that people expect too much from life

Lonely warmth craving nights,
You cling to your pillow, binge on your favorite show
Your favorite show which happens to be memories in your mind
You flip through and bookmark your favorite ones
You reminisce on the not so favorite ones

Lonely lonely night
You appreciate the gift…

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