Show me the face…


Show me the face…

I loved the Monterey bay.

I would bring my beer and whiskey to the Pacific,

I would write into my journal, drink the cold beer slowly,

I watched the sun fall into the sea.

The sea brought the lonely to seek quiet and I left the other strangers alone.

I would burn the white sage and drink alone.

Once I need company of another.

Now I was happy to befriend the sea and the moon.

The midnight half-moon was shining above me and I told her.

No lies to tell tonight,

only you and I.

Drinking the Johnnie Walker and seeking some calmness.

I had a good cigar,

I lite her and I tasted the strong taste of the Cuba best.

I went to the sea and I tossed off my shoes.

I danced with the Pacific.

I went to my beer and the whiskey,


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