Let’s Go

Life Around The Corner

I’m shy,
I know why.
I don’t want to be.
Human interactions
Frighten me.
I’m afraid
To be stung, like a bee.
To be drenched, like a flea.
I wish I knew how
To exude glee,
And feel pleasant
To simply disagree.
I want to have no regrets
After I am being me.
I don’t want to feel a threat,
Or that I got someone upset.
To be covered up in sweat,
While I smoke a cigarette.
I want to feel warm, like tea,
Made right to the perfect degree.
I want to always be sweet,
Not salty like the sea.
Be truly open,
Because I hold the key.
I want to embrace,
Like I’m a tree.
I want to laugh
Because I feel free.
At times I feel
I’m shy only when it comes to
Being happy,
I don’t want anyone to feel crappy.
I don’t want to…

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Passing The Parcel

Ramblings Of A Fragile Mind

It’ll be you next

When the music stops

So I’ll look away

As your heart drops

An Unwanted Gift

You’ll always carry it with you,
the pain.

You can try to wrap it differently.

Use an alternative box,
choose a shiny wrapping paper.

Secure it with ribbon,

Even glue on a fucking huge bow,
if you like.

But you’ll still carry it with you,
the pain.

Like a gaudy present nobody wants to open.

An unwanted gift you can never return.

(Originally Posted 28.04.2019)

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