Show me the face…


Show me the face…

I loved the Monterey bay.

I would bring my beer and whiskey to the Pacific,

I would write into my journal, drink the cold beer slowly,

I watched the sun fall into the sea.

The sea brought the lonely to seek quiet and I left the other strangers alone.

I would burn the white sage and drink alone.

Once I need company of another.

Now I was happy to befriend the sea and the moon.

The midnight half-moon was shining above me and I told her.

No lies to tell tonight,

only you and I.

Drinking the Johnnie Walker and seeking some calmness.

I had a good cigar,

I lite her and I tasted the strong taste of the Cuba best.

I went to the sea and I tossed off my shoes.

I danced with the Pacific.

I went to my beer and the whiskey,


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The Spring song…


 The Spring song….

I found her sitting alone by the lake and I sat with her.

The first day of Spring brought a sunny day and I told her.

My pretty, my sweetest wish. I miss you.

Pretty Scottish girl looked into my eyes and she whispered.

Wise woman know, never dance with the devil twice.

He will take everything from you, leave you with fatal wishes.

I kissed her face and I told her.

Men are foolish and they want everything and they want nothing.

Let’s, you and I, dance for the Spring moon,

Maybe last dance? Maybe my last chance?

Pretty girl stood-up and I brought her closer.

We danced for the rising moon and the stars. She whispered.

Johnnie, you taught me love and you taught me loneliness.

You are like your father, a rolling stone, falling to unknown places.

You love “love”, you don’t love me…

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Smile Through The Cracks (with audio)

Come And Enjoy The Verses And Audio From Bree!!

Secret Thoughts Within

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This will not be what you’re expecting…

Do everything effortlessly
Cook with perfection
Have a stunning house
Have perfect hair
Be a #girlboss
Be a mother
Be everyone’s best friend
Be at every social event
Be successful
Be fashion forward
Be a sex goddess
Be pure
Be. Everything. To. Everyone

Don’t complain
Don’t stand up for yourself
Don’t rock the boat
Don’t have emotions
Don’t forget anyone’s birthday
Don’t age
Don’t get work done on your face
Don’t have any wrinkles
Don’t be fake
Don’t be older than 30

Be unappreciated 
Be silent 
Be unacknowledged 
Be overlooked 
Be paid less 
Be taken advantaged of 
Be used  
Be controlled
Smile. Through. The. Cracks.

Some experimental poetry and spoken word from me here. It won’t be for everyone and that’s okay… it wasn’t for you anyway 😉

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