Mirage (with audio)

Come Enjoy the verses and the audio!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Original image found here

Lost in a wilderness of loneliness
found in sandstorm of desire
I reached out
and you gripped my hand tight
You were the answer
I was the answer
We were the answer
to making it through the night

We journeyed through passion-filled evenings
until we learnt an orgasm
wasn’t enough to dull the pain
Weren’t you the answer?
Wasn’t I the answer?
We thought we’d found the answer
to feeling human again

You were a mirage in the desert
I was a drop of water on your tongue
a fake promise of relief
during an unbearable drought
It was never going to be enough
You weren’t the answer
I wasn’t the answer
We were never the answer
to keeping us alive beyond each other’s touch

Effects credit: Blackatom Productions on Freesound

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