Mondays (with audio)

Come Enjoy Bree’s verses and the audio!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Image credit to Julie Newbrough. Sourced here

Will you love me on Mondays
when we’re tired and don’t wanna work?
Will tender feelings still be there
when we’re at our worst?

Will you smile on Wednesdays
if you wake up and see my face?
If I fail and make mistakes
will you still extend grace?

Will you treasure me on Fridays
after a week of highs and lows?
Will the love you have for me
endure past what life throws?

I’ll still love you on Mondays
and every morning as we turn old
No matter what each day brings
I’ll be your hand to hold

I deliberately didn’t publish this on a Monday 🙂

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Mirage (with audio)

Come Enjoy the verses and the audio!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Original image found here

Lost in a wilderness of loneliness
found in sandstorm of desire
I reached out
and you gripped my hand tight
You were the answer
I was the answer
We were the answer
to making it through the night

We journeyed through passion-filled evenings
until we learnt an orgasm
wasn’t enough to dull the pain
Weren’t you the answer?
Wasn’t I the answer?
We thought we’d found the answer
to feeling human again

You were a mirage in the desert
I was a drop of water on your tongue
a fake promise of relief
during an unbearable drought
It was never going to be enough
You weren’t the answer
I wasn’t the answer
We were never the answer
to keeping us alive beyond each other’s touch

Effects credit: Blackatom Productions on Freesound

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Johnny & Amber’s Wedding Vows in Hindsight

Poet's Corner


The Johnny Depp Amber Heard Shit Show (literally) has me re-thinking wedding vows. After hearing testimony of the total lack of self-respect and any respect for anyone or anything on display here, I got to wondering about how these two ever got married in the first place. And, in hindsight, what their vows should have been.

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