Saint or sinner?


Saint or sinner?

Once soldier, once lover and once business man. Now he wondered. Can all sins be forgiven? My father believed, if he went to church on Christmas eve. All his sins would be forgiven.

Old man had learned. Beautiful things don’t mean kind hearts. He believe, we shall pay for every sin in three-fold. Karma expects payment.

I have found God, lost God many times. I have danced with the Devil and I sought hell-bound life. I have sat with poor people dying of hunger in Africa. So many good people lost to cancer and I wonder. I wondered was God watching us?

The Devil had no job. The free-will of men create enough sin. He is jobless.

Today in the messy world. 10 active war and 8 conflicts. I watched my grandchildren play and I asked the clouds. When will we have enough? Is the hate of…

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