Modern Day Poet

I recently sat late at night and pondered on how poets fared in days gone by. Questioning how Yeats, Kavanagh and those who went long before them and how they fared. Did society as a whole ignore their craft? Did their words go largely unnoticed on the day?

Such is the basis of todays poem. A mere piece that seeks to highlight that the craft still continues. Though I could never claim to be anywhere close to their art. But although the pen goes unused , replaced by the tapping of a keyboard. The lost art of writing in style of old, Although I myself no longer write as such. But type all, so that none is lost.

A Regular sight in Killarney a Jaunting Car and Horse

Modern Day Poet Watching as the midnight hour strikes, The poets pen goes dry not for bikes. Replaced by the tapping of…

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Your Love

In thinking on what to write about for todays poem, I struggled to even formulate any form of understandable pattern that would usually see the poetry I have placed for view here. But after much debate with myself and a lot of consideration I have found a topic in which to write about.

I know beyond a doubt that there are quiet a number of folks who will kow the topic from the moment of reading this poem. Whilst others may obviously find a topic but may feel disinterested and possibly without opinion in either case.

But as in all poetry what the reader finds andalso feels inspired in some manner is what matters most. Once the reader finds something positive within this poem, then my struggle for todays post will have been worth while. The struggle I had in coming up with todays poem is minor in comparrison to…

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Saint or sinner?


Saint or sinner?

Once soldier, once lover and once business man. Now he wondered. Can all sins be forgiven? My father believed, if he went to church on Christmas eve. All his sins would be forgiven.

Old man had learned. Beautiful things don’t mean kind hearts. He believe, we shall pay for every sin in three-fold. Karma expects payment.

I have found God, lost God many times. I have danced with the Devil and I sought hell-bound life. I have sat with poor people dying of hunger in Africa. So many good people lost to cancer and I wonder. I wondered was God watching us?

The Devil had no job. The free-will of men create enough sin. He is jobless.

Today in the messy world. 10 active war and 8 conflicts. I watched my grandchildren play and I asked the clouds. When will we have enough? Is the hate of…

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