My Texas rose…


My Texas rose…

The sweetest gal in Texas told me. Please give me your address and I will write you when you are gone. I told her, she was a treasure, a blessing to my old heart.

We danced to Tim McGraw song “Don’t take the girl” on the Belton Texas dance floor. She whispered to me on the dance floor “One, two ,three, one. One, two, three, one. We beckon love in the midnight hours and my dearest friend. You befriended me and you asked for the Texas two step and conversation only. I was afraid once and you taught me. Be brave, laugh and never back down. You became my sage in a messy life.”

I kissed her blushing cheeks and I told her. I found you a year ago sitting alone, drinking whiskey. I told you, you should never drink alone. The hell-bound memories will kill all…

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The Waltz- Poetry for April, the poetry month…


The Waltz

A Poem byCoyote Poetry
"The ocean and love create emotions and passion that stay with us forever.”

The waltz

(Was publish in small press, many moon ago.)

We were doing a waltz upon the beach.
The waves were the orchestra and
the wind was whispering a love song to us.

I tossed her into a twirl and
I brought her back to me.

By the light of the moon.
Two lovers danced the movement of freedom
and celebrating being alive.

I whispered to her. “Marcella, Marcella, let’s make this day last forever.”

 We come back to the ocean after each journey.
 The ocean keeps our secrets.

The dancing waves are always waiting for us.

She was as beautiful as when I first saw her
and I held her like she was my last breath.

 Two shadows upon a naked beach.
Doing the dance of hope and freedom.


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In the mist of time…


In the mist of time…

(April poetry twenty-one.)

I walk slower and I talk less. The sun will rise again and I will count the stars again. I know now. In the mist of time. We will make mistakes and we will regret many things. We will wish we visit the family more often and we were kinder.

Life is like, the free wind. Touch our skin and we cannot slow her down. The echoes of old voices, we will miss and our children will become men and women. We cannot stop time.

We will know too many goodbyes and not enough hellos. One day, on the narrow road, the lonely path. I will tell the forest, the flowing river. Almost time for me to join the kind people who taught me how to live. Thank you for the sunny days, good friends and sweet women.

Today with five grandchildren…

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I am jealous of the sea…


I am jealous of the sea..

Was a beautiful Dust of the day coming and I watched you dance with the sea. I told the falling sun, the rising moon. I am jealous of the sea.

The sea had stole your heart and you adore the sea, the Pacific. I want to be like the ocean water. Able to touch your feet, at will. To make you joyous and to make you smile.

You call me your sea, you call me, your dancing poet. My wild eyes, my crazy thoughts and my never ending hunger to test and taste life. Make you smile.

You lay your cold feet across my lap and I caress your feet near the sea. I look into ocean eyes of deep wildness and a million journeys. I tell you.

I am jealous of the sea. The sea owned your heart and eyes. You smile, kiss…

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Beautiful Jenny…

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Beautiful Jenny…

(April poetry number twenty-two.)

Once brave man thought the world was his world. He was fearless and he thought his world was wonder and miracle. He found the prettiest gal in Ann Arbor. She taught him. Love was sweet, love was wild, and love wasn’t forever.

She was young, filled with hope and energy. She made him want things forgotten. She taught him, the sweetness of the kiss and the midnight dances. He cannot forget.

He wrote into an old journal. Beautiful Jenny, my beautiful Jenny. Please forgive me for falling in love with you. I didn’t know you were just loaning kisses and borrowing sexual dances. You wanted adventure and skillful hands-on your tender skin.

Tonight, I told the liar’s moon. Love be sweet, love be damned. I remember you.


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Some gave all…

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Some gave all…

I served with great men and great women. Each, I befriended. We train together, we fought together. We didn’t see color, race or religion. We were brothers and sisters.

Today the old soldier cried alone. He drinks alone and he remember good friends. Who stood with him in the good days, the bad days.

He goes early to Soldiers activities yearly and he stand with the veterans of so many wars. They stand in silence. A deep understanding. Some gave all and freedom isn’t free.


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Promote Yourself Monday: April 25, 2022

Go Dog Go Café

Welcome toPromote Yourself Monday. All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to postonelink to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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Wake up (NaPoWriMo)


Dissent and Debate stand there
showing the rule book to me again
wake up before it is too late,
they beseech earnestly,
we are being strangled bit by bit
Plurality is panting, parched for parity
Democracy will be on death bed without us
in the name of nationalism,    
Majoritarianism is asserting himself
parochial views are having a free run
mobocracy is on the rise
there is blood on the streets and hatred in hearts
lumpens and goons are deciding who will do what
how long do you intend to be quiet
how long will the naked dance of totalitarianism continue
they will be pounding at your door soon
wake up, wake up before everything is lost!

Today’s (optional) NaPoWriMo prompt is based on theaisling, a poetic form that developed in Ireland. Anaislingrecounts a dream or vision featuring a woman who represents the land or country on/in…

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