Steal a memory, borrow a memory…


Steal a memory, borrow a memory…

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" In life. A good life, we gather many memories. We shall need later.”

The dilemma of a long life. The restless heart learn to adore old memories. The fortune of youth become eloquence words on a sheet of paper.

We must steal a memory, borrow a memory. Once I had hot Summer days, the sea and my kind muse. The blessing of the Pacific ocean, stealing kisses and holding hands. Was my wealth.

The legacy of love become a lullaby old poets sing to the sea, to private notebooks.

Once he chased a beautiful gal and he learn. She was waiting for him to be brave and she was waiting for him to come to her.

He learn what the great poet wrote. You don’t find love, love find you.

Once the goddess of the sea blessed the old…

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Life didn’t break my heart. Love did…


Life didn’t break my heart. Love did.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Love make us learn. We love someone more than ourselves. "

                         Life didn’t break my heart. Love did…

He told the beautiful Gypsy girl near the Monterey bay. Life didn’t break my heart. Love did. I am so tire young lady. I allowed vice and tomfoolery to control my life and mind. The fool shall learn too well, you can dance the devil and he will always wins. I have played the slave for rich men and large companies. Made them so much money and what do I have to show for this? I left people behind and I forgot kindness.

She laughed at my words and she told me. We will sin and sin some more, we can’t stop the decay of our heart and our…

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The Pacific ocean…


The Pacific ocean..

The half-drunk poet told the pretty gal in the Irish tavern in Austin, Texas. I had a sweet love once and she is waiting for me still. She made me flirt with madness and she made my weary mind see everything beautiful and sweet again. We danced in the great storms of Winter and she taught me. I was more than I was.

She was a noble beauty who awoken my sleeping heart. She rescue me from my self-pity. Her charm stole my heart and she demanded only my attention with morning walks near her and my reading midnight poetry to her.

Her song taught me the flattery of the rhyme and I would dance alone for her, with the rising moon and the falling sun blessing us. I have photos of her to remind me. I was once sea-bounded and protected by her.

The young gal…

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Hello… I love you…


Hello, I love you….

Hello dear stranger, you came into my dream last night. I fell at your feet, kissed your hands and I told you. I love you my celestial beauty. I rested my head into your lap and you sang kind words of love to me.

The great sea separate us now and I write into secret journals.

“Kelly, Kelly my dearest love.

Your voice, like a gentle flowing river to my heart.

I need you, a damsel who love the long road, cold night, holding tightly.

Not seeking more. Being content with what we have.

Untold, unwritten stories make the heart bleed for things not touched or held.

I told you often dear beautiful Kelly.

Make me believe, love is alive and so damn sweet.

I know we are condemned by things we didn’t do.

Maybe I was a rainbow chaser,

a penny wisher in the wishing…

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