Screen by Twenty One Pilots #Music #Journey #Inspiration

Poems for Warriors

Vessel, the album before Twenty One Pilots blew up with “Stressed Out” on Blurryface, was arguably one of their best albums, despite being less heralded.

One of the tracks, a deep cut from that album called “Screen,” is particularly meaningful to me. The video above is audio only and the band never released the song as a single, but what I want to focus on anyways are the lyrics (below).

The song is about having a “screen” on his chest, or heart. It is a defense mechanism. Boundaries with other people, in his case “the only one who knows” his soul, that keep him from true intimacy and revelation of his heart. For me, I see this in myself with a lot of surfacey relationships or people who only “know” what I show them. Because of past relationships in my life, especially the most important relationships, I have had…

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