Happy 61st mufasa x

Thinking Chitalia

my father, my friend, my rock when i need to be held, my water when i need to flow, my air when i want to fly, my greatest ally, how one person can be so many people i’ve never understood but what i’ve understood is there’s no one like you my special special beautiful pops i feel so grateful to know you everyday. getting to call you my father is one of my greatest joys and the privilege of my life. thank you for your infallible companionship and for all that you are. happy 61st my mufasa 🦁❤️ thank you for making me and being you i love you so much my old man x

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The Madonna

Come and Enjoy!!!

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Photography credit: Landovan

To have and to hold
Under his thumb
A story untold
On the tip of the tongue

A solemn promise
For better or worse
Sealed with a kiss
The kiss of a curse

From a pedestal above
She’s to be admired
There she’ll be loved
But never desired

A white dress she’ll fashion
Of virtue and grace
While he longs for passion
For lust and black lace

Kept safe and sound
With the sins of his heart
There’s no middle ground
‘Til death do they part

© Lisa Marshall Poetry HRM NS 2022

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