Kim V. Poetry

Your petals so soft
They whisper my name
Full gold, expensive, exquisite,
Existing on another plane.
I long to visit
To show up at your door
Flower in hand
Flower in heart.

My golden-toned Black beauty
More precious because of your shape
The sculpting of time and experience.
Stronger than other,
Yet a soft metal
Purified and enhanced
So that diamonds dare not sparkle
Too dimmed by your light.

In all of existence, there is none like you
The stars and planets and all their moons
No creature so fair, delicate, and true
All fade in comparison to you.
Hold you in my hand firm yet not too tight
Lest you prick me with thorns or burn my fingertips.

You are velvety lips and
Pillow soft kisses.
Heaven and Hell exists in the golden
Tones of your skin.
Breathing in your essence,
I live in the whispers of your

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