Gone too soon (NaPoWriMo)


Flashing eyes, acerbic tongue
oodles of sass, a touch of foolhardiness
the mind of a genius in someone so young
melancholy cloaked in haughtiness
forever crossing swords with authority
impudent smile cocking a snook
never a part of any sorority
her pained soul always misunderstood

and then we both moved on
as we were meant to

not many I met were like her
though I mentored quite a many
some memories are a blur
some keep returning like a bad penny
yet some burn as bright as flame
voices from the past keep them alive
she did have her tryst with fame
am filled with deep satisfaction that she did thrive

and thus began my quest
those old ties to renew

I am reminded of the portrait that hung in her room
the eyes seemed to look right into my soul
same deep melancholic eyes I had viewed
the news…

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Screen by Twenty One Pilots #Music #Journey #Inspiration

Poems for Warriors

Vessel, the album before Twenty One Pilots blew up with “Stressed Out” on Blurryface, was arguably one of their best albums, despite being less heralded.

One of the tracks, a deep cut from that album called “Screen,” is particularly meaningful to me. The video above is audio only and the band never released the song as a single, but what I want to focus on anyways are the lyrics (below).

The song is about having a “screen” on his chest, or heart. It is a defense mechanism. Boundaries with other people, in his case “the only one who knows” his soul, that keep him from true intimacy and revelation of his heart. For me, I see this in myself with a lot of surfacey relationships or people who only “know” what I show them. Because of past relationships in my life, especially the most important relationships, I have had…

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Shining gems

Keep it alive

Early morning walk
Treasures found aplenty
Shining gems on leaves and petals
A reward for getting up early
A vision only for those who make the effort
To amble through nature before the busyness of life
Takes us away from observing the beauty
That is in full view for all those are aware
That every day we are gifted with tiny miracles
Priceless, yet free for all!

Written for: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Dewdrops – April 19, 2022



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Dieting- No more

Keep it alive

April 18, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about never ending. You can hyphenate never-ending or write an example of a story that never ends. What is endless and why? Go where the prompt leads!


Getting fit and going down to my ideal weight was a never-ending struggle for me.

Unbeknown to me, I had thyroid disease since my teenage which made my weight fluctuate periodically. At forty-four, I was diagnosed and became aware of its implications. Since then, I am on thyroid medication and till a year ago, I still was trying to lose weight, only to gain it all back eventually.

My motivation for losing weight has changed and the desire to look better has taken a backseat, to be healthy. Now I eat healthy, and keep my stats in the range.


Word count; 99

Written for Carrot Ranch’s…

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Escapril: trying to be good


i’m always trying to be good
a perfectionist
(maybe a lazy one)
((if i can find a shortcut, i’ll use it))

i’m trying to be good
not drinking as much
not sleeping too much
correcting my schedules
(most of the time)
((i’m lazy, remember?))

i’m trying not to think about
cigarettes and cheap beer
(the one time my brain was quiet)
((i think about it too much))

i’m trying not to think about
how bad i feel

i’m trying to be good

a good person
with a good brain
and not this

i’m trying to be good
trying to be cool
trying to be enough

maybe i forgot
i need to be enough for myself
and not for everyone else

trying to be good is hard
because i can never be good for everyone
at the same time as being good for myself

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