Wednesday Song-“Keep Your Arms Around Me” By Otis Redding

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“Keep Your Arms Around Me” By Otis Redding

Your arms around me
How can I complain
With your arms around me
Uhm, I know I’m a lucky man

With your arms around me
Honey, I’m taller than a tree
So all I can say is
Keep those arms around me

When I woke up this morning
Oh, I had an aching head
The pain was so great
Uhm, I almost fell out of bed

Then you put your arms around me
Then you kiss me three times
And in a matter of seconds
I never felt so fine, oh no, oh yes I did

With your arms around me
I can feel no no no no pain
With your arms around me
Uhm, I know I’m the worlds strongest man

With your arms around me, yeah
If I was blind I know that I could see, oh now
All I…

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That Which Is Essential

Source of Inspiration


How foolish are our desires.
Mistaking the unessential
to be essential
we spend our lives
pursuing that which
we wrongly think is
success and its robe
of many colors
only to find that in the end
what we longed for
was not to be found
in status, power, luxury
or anything of the material world.

Then what is essential?
What will give us contentment
a life well lived?
Certainly nothing
unless we have love
in our hearts for
without love
all else becomes fool’s gold
cotton candy of unfulfilled dreams
leaving us empty and alone.

Yet with love
modest dwellings become castles
humble meals are feasts
quiet walks in the countryside
cool water on a hot summer day
all that we have and do
becomes luxurious when love
flows from our hearts.

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Reblogs – RedCat & VJ Knutson

I Write Her

Muhammad Muzamil – Unsplash

We come into this world not knowing what to expect. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s good, but life and living are always a struggle, with few rewards.

Impact by RedCat

If parental love and support always lacked

If abuse and neglect was an everyday fact
A child’s mind and soul is under attack

Natural behavior patterns are reprogrammed and hacked
All so the abuser can life force extract

A new life’s love and joy ransacked
Growing up learning love is a transactional act

Darkness no sunlight can counteract
A planet busters impact

No child can survive intact 

Do Not Tell by VJ Knutson

No one told me, 
in my haste to grow up, 
that adulthood, awash 
with responsibility, 
would also be lonely 

And, no one told me
that the days and nights
of sweating over lessons
would likely not lead
to the life imagined

nor that…

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